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    wurzweiller has a summer program where you can do all your field work during the year wherever you live


    Happy, if you are not in the tri-state area you might not find it that difficult to get a job when you are done. Hatzlocha rabbah.


    Here is the Wurzweiller program described by abcd2. It is very similar to the Smith program:

    YU’s graduate schools are not “frum” programs, but they are “frum-friendly” as you will never have to worry about classes on Shabat or Yom Tov, the cafeteria is kosher, and there are lots of frum students, rabbis, minyanim, shiurim….


    thank you all for your help and advice on this issue, i guess time will tell with what i actually do.


    I have a Psy.D. degree, and am licensed in my state as a psychologist.

    In my state, MSWs and masters level people can also get licensed. I have obsved that almost no Psychiatrists do therapy anymore. They only really on medication.

    I have also observed that most of the masters level clinicians, both MSW and LMHC/LMFT are not as rigorously trained as my doctoral level colleagues. Yes, it took me longer and it was more expensive than an MSW, but, I understand more and various theoretical models than masters level trained clinicians and I feel I got better training. I am making these strong statements because in this thread I saw comments about doctoral level training which I feel are inaccurate.


    I was wondering if anyone could give me more information on both Hunter’s and Wurzweiler’s programs.

    Hunter-How is Hunter for a Jewish person? Are they accommodating for Yomim Tovim? Do they place you in field work, or do they allow you to choose an agency/work in a Jewish agency?

    Wurzweiler- How much of a scholarship do they give?


    As far as the differences between going MSW, PsyD and MHC. In New York and most states, MSW is more favorable than MHC or MFT. A PsyD is more preferred if you want to strictly do clinical work.

    The MSW is the most flexible degree and is respected if you want to do psychotherapy. From what I understand, the MHC degree has limitations pertaining to insurance and getting jobs. If someone wants to be a “doctor”, then go for the PsyD. It does take longer, is more researched based but does have the nicer title. At the same time, I know a PsyD that says an LCSW is perfectly adequate and that a PsyD isn’t necessary to be an effective therapist.

    If someone got a MHC degree and is finding it limiting, they could use a number of their credits to transfer into a PsyD program.



    I am a LMSW and went to Fordham University- I would be happy to answer any specific questions about their program. Good Luck!


    Hey the Wicked One, haven’t seen you around! Hope everything’s fine by you…



    Hey SiDi! Yeah I took a needed breather, but I have been following threads w/o commenting for the most part 🙂 Thanks for asking- you made me feel really good.


    I got my PsyD 2 years ago, and now am working on my Phd.

    In my professional opinion, you are all lunatics.


    Lunatics are people who do not turn into wolves at the full moon. Instead their humors become imbalanced.

Viewing 12 posts - 51 through 62 (of 62 total)
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