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    I emphasize that this is a rhetorical opinion, intended seriously, rather than favoring debate or leitzonut.

    Seems like food is “off the radar” for spiritual people who wish to do a chesed by offering video-demo’s of opening sealed edibles on Shabbos & Y”T.

    Perhaps that’s because to them, drinks are more spiritual (less gluttonous) than food, thus it doesn’t even occur to them to demo sealed-food as well.

    The reason i came to this deduction, is because I can’t find any All-In-One video demonstrating how to open:
    …of these on Shabbos and Y”T:

    Bags/Boxes/Cans/Bottles of Drinks AND Food
    (such as opening potato chips bags Shabbos)

    Anyone here who manages to unearth such a video, i hereby nominate you Sleuth of the Century. Too many assume that everyone knows everything, which is probably why nobody created a Findable series of vids, not just re: the forementioned, but also how to toivel pizza makers, Cut nails Erev Shabbos chol hamoed, and all other such questions. But only rendered professionally (meaning as brief as possible. Non time-consuming.
    And bare-basics – no extra chumros)

    Such site could hypothetically be publicized perhaps by Chabad through snail-mail, and the site’s vid-series would have to be on a private site, because toiveling pizza makers would probably be censored even on BitChute.

    BTW, steadily over the years i needed to write for myself my own step-by-step instructions what to do for yom tov’s. My own rough guide-sheets and sample calendars have been easiest for me-myself-and-I to follow.

    And that concludes my tiradiatribous soliloqy.


    Are you feeling better?


    Nope, i’ll only feel better when/if UJM and/or Chabad post an ongoing series of professional/brief vids on the above theme, not excluding the ratio of water in shabbos soap recipe. (or perhaps it should be called yom-tov-soap recipe).

    I think more such unanswered Qs cropped up this Y”T, but i forget already what they were.
    …More & more can be added to such series upon request sent to whomever-at-wherever-dot-com.

    Its beyond ridiculous that thousands upon thousands learn & learn & learn, yet nobody offers such a vid-series as an enablement to avoid wasting time, and not have to bother various hotlines.
    …Or even if not a vid-series, then a reliable keyword-searchable archive. I tried searching existing archives, which yielded zilch. In fact, search engines often yield better than internal searches of halacha sites.



    I don’ t fully understand your gripe

    1) Why do their need to be videos for all these things? If you are unsure thats ok ask if you cant ask your Rabbi, call a hotline, ask many of the online ask -the-rabbi sites,

    2) why does EACH thing need its own video. Search “toveling electric appliances” there are hundreds of results. Why do you need a video for pizza maker, then one presumably for hot water urn, for sandwich maker, George foreman, Pannini press, Keurig, blender, Why do these all have to exist seperatly and why in video form?
    Similarly a search for “cutting nails on chol hamoed” yields hundreds of results the second of which is a detailed guide to the laws of chol hamoed from the OU. why does it have to be in video form?

    3) Who is paying for the filming of thousands upon thousands of hours of video addressing every possible question someone may have, who is paying for storage, and organization of this ?
    how much would you be willing to pay to have access to such a database? per question? unlimited monthly access?


    Oh brother, for the same reason that bochurim post series of entertaining vids all the time, how about something useful (even IF serious).

    And even if =you= all don’t see a need for this, many others might very well refer to such vid’s preliminary to hotlines, were such vids made available.

    In fact – maybe people who might not even bother with hotlines WOULD bother with quick “on-the-go” vids? What proof do you have otherwise?

    As for the funding, the same gevirim who fund orgs., and shiurim, and yeshiva’s, might fund something like this l’shem mitzva, though it’s doubtful they visit this coffeeroom to even see this suggestion.

    Now can we wrap this up, since it’s leading nowhere? Most things i’ve tried to point out usually lead nowhere, so i’ll just add this to the rest of the pack.


    Is everything ok?


    “Now can we wrap this up, since it’s leading nowhere? ”

    You can wrap anything you want to. I don’t know why you are so angry. All I’m pointing out is that there is not much demand for such an item and even if there were it would be impossible to implement to your satisfaction .


    Angry? More like frustrated at the inconvenient chaos, never mind that there’s millions of young able-bodied talent, unlike in the past.

    Now consider this post officially “wrapped up” (even if issue unresolved, thus leading to more and more inconvenient chaos, ad bias moshiach).

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