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    It’s wonderful that those who need to vent now have many blogs and sites where they can vent their frustrations, but it’s all for naught. There are an overabundance of such sites right now.

    It won’t change a thing!!!!!!!

    Until a site takes upon themselves to keep an updated list of Shadchanim with their numbers and area of specialization (age, background…) it’s all a Bracha L’Vatoloh!!!

    The Oilem is familiar with a few well known Shachanim, who are overwhelmed and dont return phone calls, and Shadchanim who only cater to a certain society clientele and the majority of the Oilem are left to rely on friends and family members because there are very few really busy Shadchanim who are available for the Oilem.

    Perhaps Tzedakah organizations should fund full time sincere Shachanim. Now, the few who are sincere, and are willing to work for the majority of the Oilem, aren’t publicly known.

    Enough with VENTING ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! if nothing happens as a result of it. Let’s vent and at least attempt to get things going at the same time.

    Not ALL boys have Shadchanim running after them and not ALL girls are vying for the same 50 boys.

    YW Moderator-72

    if you feel so strongly about this, feel free to open your own blog or site and stop trying to hijack other blogs and sites! thank you


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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