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    * Near the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem, an Arab tried to stab an ultra-Orthodox Jew, who managed to fend him off – but was stabbed in the hand, a lawyer says:

    Kobe Ettinger. Kikar Hashanah, 19 Bishvat 5781, 01.02.21

    {Google: “פיגוע? ערבי תקף יהודי חרדי במזרח ירושלים” }



    * Two 19-year-olds from Jerusalem were charged with assaulting a Jewish-Haredi-looking man in the Old City, four days ago. According to the indictment, the assault was carried out without any provocation and racist motive. The state wanted to extend their detention, among other things, due to their criminal past – one was convicted of rioting, the other was convicted of rioting and attempted assault of police officers

    Kan News, twitter, 3:31 AM · Feb 16, 2021

    { Google: “שני בני 19 מירושלים הואשמו בתקיפת אדם בעל חזות יהודית-חרדית בעיר העתיקה, לפני ארבעה ימים.” }



    * The penalty for throwing a bottle at a Jew: 1,500 NIS

    An Arab who attacked a Jewish minor and injured him in the Old City of Jerusalem will be required to pay monetary compensation and will not want actual imprisonment. A decision was made following a plea deal that led to a change in the indictment Advocate Haim Bleicher: “It is thought that such conduct violates deterrence and encourages racist crime… Advocate Haim Bleicher, who represented the victim of the crime on behalf of the Honeno organization, wondered about the judge’s decision: “Why was the defendant not charged with a racist incident? It is clear that he threw the bottle at the young man because of his hatred of the Jews. “”

    Avi Gadlowitz, beChadrei-Chadarim, 2 Adar 5742 14/02/2021.

    {Google: “העונש על השלכת בקבוק לעבר יהודי: 1,500 ש”ח” }



    * In the midst of the fast of Tisha Be’av 2019, “on Hagai Street in the Old City of Jerusalem, the appellant was attacked with a glass bottle thrown at him, hit him in the head and caused head injuries that needed to be evacuated to the hospital …

    {Google: ברחוב הגיא בעיר העתיקה בירושלים” , הותקף המערער באמצעות בקבוק זכוכית שהושלך לעברו” }



    * Cruel attack on a Jew near the Western Wall

    An Arab attacked a Jew on the eve of Shavuot near the Western Wall. The Jew was hospitalized in the intensive care unit suffering from a skull crisis, but the police hurried to interrogate him in the middle of a holiday as a suspect in the Arab attack.

    Edo Ben Porat – Channel 7, 7 Sivan 5754 05/06/14 21:50

    {Google: “תקיפה אכזרית של יהודי ליד הכותל” }



    * An Arab attacked a Jew and compensated him with NIS 13,000

    An Arab who attacks a Jew in Jerusalem will pay him compensation according to a compromise agreement signed between the two. “Whoever harms a Jew in the end will pay with his money.”

    Channel 7, 11 Tammuz 5779. 14/07/19 09:42

    An Arab resident of Jerusalem will compensate a Jew who attacked with NIS 13,000, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses, in accordance with a compromise agreement recently signed between the two… The event took place seven years ago in the City of David in Jerusalem…

    {Google: “ערבי תקף יהודי ויפצה אותו ב-13 אלף ש”ח
    ” }


    * Attack on yeshiva students: Police arrested three suspicious Arabs

    Baruch Shapira, JDN,
    Adar 4, 5771 – 16.02.21

    Three suspects have so far been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a lynching of yeshiva students last week at a gas station near Migdal.
    “Expect attackers to be charged with serious violence and attempted murder for attempting to run over victims out of racist motives.”

    “תקיפת בחורי הישיבה: המשטרה עצרה שלושה ערבים חשודים” }



    * An attack on a racist background Arabs brutally attacked with a glass bottle, a Jew walking near the Nablus Gate … There is twice as much racism here. Once on the part of the attacking Arabs, and a second time on the part of the media, which hides and does not report in the headlines about the racist attack by the Arabs against innocent Jews.

    Elad Levy, Ynet, June 17, 2013



    * Arab youth tries to knife Jewish man in Jerusalem | The Times of Israel
    Feb 4, 2013 — An Arab youth tried to stab an ultra- Orthodox Jewish man in Jerusalem on Monday, but the victim managed to escape without injury.



    * Oct 8, 2015, JewishPress — Attack On Yeshiva Students Goes Unreported Two 18-year old …



    * “Palestinian” attacker tries to stab ultra-Orthodox man but misses, police …
    Times of Israel, Aug.12.17


    * An urgent appeal was sent to the Jerusalem District Police Chief demanding a disciplinary inquiry against a police officer who expressed racism towards Jewish detainees wearing kippahs.

    Jan 18, 2021, News 0404. Eldar Maman.


    * 2015

    חדשות ישראל‎
    November 5, 2015 at 7:51 PM. Hadashot Israel.

    גזענות נגד יהודים בחברת אגד – נהג ערבי עובד אגד בקו 71 ושונא יהודים, עשה בכוונה ליהודי צדיק שבס״כ רצה לרדת בתחנה שלו.
    הנהג הערבי סירב להוריד את הנוסע בתחנה שלו ודרש מהיהודי הצדיק להוריד את הכיפה.
    צפו בתיעוד המזעזע.

    Racism against Jews in the Egged company – an Arab driver working for Egged on line 71 and hating Jews, deliberately committed a righteous Jew who just wanted to get off at his station.
    The Arab driver refused to drop off the passenger at his station and demanded that the Jew take off his yarmulka… shocking documentation…

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