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    It seems that it is possible that Smartphones and the Internet is really an aspect of Gog and Magog. I can provide the references to chazals upon request. By the way, im leaving a ton out, what I will bring down is meant to grab your attention, as you will see.
    Lets break it down:
    1. Everything in Kedusha has an opposite in Tumah. If Gog fights against a certain thing, we need to be michazek that thing.
    2. Gog has what is called, a “chadasha,” a new plan or tactic that none of the prior Reshaim had. This is to get rid of our Emunah, the very thing that connects us to Hashem. At the same time, he also wants to come and replace Hashem. The internet can be considered a new concept, that there was never the likes of until now, it takes a lot of our time away from learning Torah, which is our emunah, and can also lead people off the derech, through viewing apikorsus.

    3. One of the things about Gog, is that he comes from Gaava, and is such a baal chutzpah, that he is open for all to see.

    4. Google is the homepage of most people. Google is gematria Magog. Everyone goes through google to access the internet. They even devices now, that people can say, OK Google, and the phone will do something for them. So what we have here is a person asking an inanimate object for something. The parallel to avoda zara, and a replacement for Hashem, seems to be very clear. The only thing we should be talking to and asking for things from it, besides another human being, is Hashem, not some physical object.

    5. The smartphone is called a smartphone, as The medrash says that Gog calls the prior reshaim, before him, stupid. This is even though each rasha called the reshaim that lived prior to them stupid. He still thinks he is smarter than the rest of them, coming up with this “new” tactic. He is the smartest of them all. Still full of Gaava, out in the open to be seen,

    6. We know the smartphone rewires our brain, changes the way we think and process things, and we know that the neshama is connected to the brain. We know that our daas is connected to our brains. Daas means connection. Gog comes to disconnect us from Hashem, and the Torah way of thinking. We don’t need to look at maps anymore, our ohones tell us. We dont have to think as hard, we don’t even need calculators anymore, we can just ask google.

    7. one of the ways that we fight Gog and Magog, is by singing Shira. Specifically one of these is called the Shira Chadasha. We can say that it is going against Gog and Magog’s shira chadasha. That would be Samsung, having the words Samech Mem, the satan, and sung. This is the samech mem’s version of shira, against our version of shira. Also, it is written that Sancheirev, nimrod, and gog, are all the same, and they come together with Gog to fight against us. This is hinted at in the word Nasogu, which means to turn back, in reference to turning away from Hashem. In hebrew letters- SAM=samech mem. followed by Samech =sancheirev, Nun=Nimrod, Gimmel=Gog.

    This is how open and chutzpadik he is.

    If you are interested in hearing more, I have more material to provide.

    Thank you for reading.


    Yasher Koach!

    Reb Eliezer

    AAS, Without the internet how would you have made your post? Everything has good and bad.


    Without a gun how would you defend yourself from an armed robber.

    Therefore you’d say it was a good thing guns were invented?

    You might need a gun now that its around. But that doesn’t mean it is a good thing.

    Or bombs.

    You should avoid them to the maximum extent possible.

    Reb Eliezer

    You only need a gun if the assailant has a gun which easily accessable because of lack of gun control.


    The internet includes the entire telecommunication system, including all telephones (even landlines) and all mobile phones (even “kosher” ones). It also includes the entrie financial system including all credit, debit and smart cards, and all bank deposits (e.g. when the Federal Reserve “creates” money, it does so by creating online balances there weren’t there before). While there is an analog aspect of the postal service (someone drops off a piece of mail), the whole system of tracking and routing involves the internet.

    In all fairness the internet was invented in the early 1800, and in its first version involved operators communicating by tappping a binary code (dots and dashes). Many people immedciately and accurately saw the mischief that would lead to.

    Note that many people (frum and otherwise, Jewish and otherwise, intgelligent and otherwise) confuse the “internet” which specific uses of the internet, in particular the “world wide web” or various “smartphone” ( mini-computer that resembles a phone) programs and applications.


    “You should avoid them to the maximum extent possible.”


    Will you now be avoiding the internet to the maximum extent possible or are you once again spewing rebuke for things you also do? You spend untold hours trolling under multiple identities with the goal of hurting other Jews. The internet would be a better place without your negative presence.


    Maybe someone should start a petition calling for President Trump to delete the internet.


    Phil, I shep nachas every time I see you getting bent out of shape due to disagreeing with a position. Keep up the spewing!



    How sad that you are incapable of responding to simple questions about the criticism you constantly hurl at others. You will be judged exactly as you judge others and treated the way you treat them. Yet, you fool yourself every year into thinking that Yom Kippur will go well for you. I’m sure there are people who forgive every Jew but specifically exclude you for your nasty, hurtful trolling.


    Posek Phil, keep it up. I’m appreciating your letting steam off.

    Marc Treff

    I think Apple, with it’s iPhone and iPad etc., plays a larger role in this hashchasah than Samsung. But then again an Apple is the most obvious name for an object that is “taaveh hu l’einayim, the cause of hashchasah and falling to the Yetzer Haraah. “The Apple” was Man’s first nisayon. Perhaps it’s his last…


    Marc, except it wasn’t an apple. Chazal say the “fruit” of the etz hadaas was either grapes, figs or wheat. Apple was a goyish misconception/mistranlsation.
    OP, How does Google equal Magog in gematria? How would you even spell Google in Hebrew- gimmel vav gimmel lamed? Magog has a mem instead of the lamed, how is that equal? Do you mean to spell it gimmel vav gimmel yud lamed- which would be goo-gil? I don’t think that’s the way it is actually pronounced. Making up spellings for non-Hebrew words and giving them significance, takes away the whole value of true gematrios and the significance of real Hebrew letters/words.
    The parallel between giving verbal commands to an electronic device/robot to execute some pre-programmed task and avoda zara is not clear to me at all. Our homes are full of electronic gadgets that perform tasks for us- why does it matter if the task is started by pushing a button or talking?
    I think there is much to worry about the way the internet and associated devices have taken over our lives, but let’s keep the Purim Torah for Purim, and keep the discussion real and not based on distorted “divrei Torah”.

    Rafi Bar

    I question this whole way that we have conversations, these forums. I am in it I know. But I have stopped before.
    I would say this is like a drug. You dont have to have real relationships, just this clever witty posts.
    At least we have a Shabbos and Shule to talk to a real person.
    But why is this mode so preferred. I am guilty as the next one. If not here, I am on twitter, same thing.
    I want to stop it but I am so addicted I cannot.
    The instant Shabbos is over i am on these forums or twitter or the other one. I stopped fb but i always get suckered back in. I hate fb with a passion but still i go on it, just a little.
    To stop you have to make a very concious effort and rid of the smart phone. I know i am saying the most obvious things and i am not doing them.
    I can give up fb except there are some people that is the only way to communicate with them.
    IOW, I want my old old life back when I wasn’t busy in the posting business.


    yes. the overall life draining that the internet does is not worth the good that comes out of it.

    im not sure why half of my posts are not being posted.

    i mentioned samsung, apple, huawei, yahoo, and google. and you pick the gematria of google and take issue with it, ignoring the rest. if you dont want to say that google is gematria magog, then say it is gematria, ligog, which it is exactly.
    i wrote an extensive piece on this topic, showing in many ways how the internet and smartphones together are gog and aspects of gog. If you want to read more, please email me at [email protected].
    you wont be disappointed.


    amazon is reference to a tribe of all woman, focused on avoda zara. Yahoo is a name of Hashem. Huawei is a name of hashem. samsung references gog sancheirev and nimrod. apple references the chet eitz hadaas, which is stemming from gaavah/gog.
    steve jobs last name means avoda. pharoah enslaved us with avoda kasha, not giving us time to think, telling us it was for our benefit, and enticing us with a guarantee of parnassah, which ended up being false, and we got into much more issues. Do you see the parallel?


    you need a filter. without one it is mostly tumah mixed into all the kedusha you get involved in.


    Amazon was named after the river, one of the greatest of the world’s natural wonders.

    Avi K

    So why do you all use the Internet?


    Gematria does not work with english, only Lashon Kodesh


    Gematria does not work with english, only Lashon Kodesh

    In addition, isn’t it only valid when based on a teaching that goes back to Sinai?

    In all fairness the internet was invented in the early 1800, and in its first version involved operators communicating by tappping a binary code (dots and dashes). Many people immedciately and accurately saw the mischief that would lead to.

    I recall reading in the Talmud that the Sanhedrin experimented with using signal fires on hilltops to more rapidly notify the distant communities of the occurrence of a new month. But the system was misused, so they reverted to the system of messengers and word-of-mouth transmission.

    Rafi Bar

    We use the internet because it is addicting. There is an enjoyment in making snarky witty posts, and pushing and shoving if you will. It’s like camp color war.
    this is as far as postings.
    But it’s an addiction, no one can stop completely. the only way would be to treat it like a drug addict who has recovered, means going to meetings etc. treating it like the gambler who lost all his money etc. no one will do it because we dont see the price, we dont see the loss of the home of the gambler or the drug addict. maybe its more like a food addiction, you have to eat.


    Do we overuse the internet? yes. would we be spending more time actually learning real torah, from a gemara or ththe like, without the internet? Yes.

    Do you look at your phone every to minutes? Then you are addicted. You know that drug addicts justify their addiction also? Avi k, do you have a filter? If you do, one that really works, than you can be protected. How else can kedusha be horeh? Without a filter, there are no limitations or boundaries. Kedusha cannot be chal in a limitless scenario. All things of kedusha need boundaries. We are not Ein Sof. Only Hashem is.


    Since you were upset that the rest was ignored, here goes:
    “amazon is reference to a tribe of all woman”, this was addressed above by RebYidd

    Yahoo is a name of Hashem. Huawei is a name of hashem. Huh? Since when? because they share some sounds or syllables with the way certain Christians mispronounce the Shem Hameforash? According to wikipedia, the founders of Yahoo “insisted they had selected the name because they liked the word’s general definition, as in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift: “rude, unsophisticated, uncouth.” and “Huawei is the official translation of the firm’s Chinese name…The etymology of the character 华 is derived from “花” which means “flower.”[citation needed] This is hinted at in Huawei’s logo. The character can also mean “splendid” or “magnificent,” but nowadays mostly refers to “China” or “(ethnic) Chinese” (see also Names of China)…The second character of Huawei’s name, 为, means “action” or “achievement,” thus Huawei literally means “Chinese achievement.”[25] .”

    “samsung references gog sancheirev and nimrod.” kind of strange to take a word in a different language and convert part of it to roshei teivos in Hebrew…
    apple references the chet eitz hadaas,” as I stated above, the apple has nothing to do with Chet Eaitz Hadaas.

    “steve jobs last name means avoda.” And avoda can refer to the tasks the cohanim did in the beis hamikdash, or can refer to “avoda sh’balev” i.e. tefilla. So maybe that means that Steve Jobs is very holy or has a strong connection to G-d? Or maybe it means nothing?

    Your valid points about the potential pitfalls of internet use would be so much stronger if you kept to logical statements.


    from the rabanim that I have talked this over with, they have all liked it. One did not want me to mention anything regarding the rainbow people, because of it being not something discussed in the frum community.


    Dvarim Lichazek, V’lo Lihisrachek B’SD
    I think it is important to write that the ultimate goal here is to show that it seems to be at least slightly possible that we are currently living through Milchemes Gog and Magog. What we will attempt to show is that it is a multifaceted concept, which is coming at us from different angles, with different tactics against us, and is showing itself out in the open for all to see. The Rambam says that we will not know that it is happening until it happens. There is very little to no speculation here. All we need to do is to open our eyes. First, we will start with an important piece of background information regarding Gaavah, and even if we were not to discuss Gog and Magog, it is very important in and of itself.
    Let us bring a little bit of a background, just to have somewhat of a foundation to talk about Gog and Magog, mostly from the Be’er Moshe, the Ozhrover Rebbe Ztz’l.
    The Zohar says on Shemos 1:5 that Klal Yisrael is all connected on a ‘big Ilan,’ a tree, in Shamayim, and we all get sustenance from there. It has 70 branches so to speak, connecting us all. The Zohar continues that the 70 nations will gather together and say, “I will get up and fight against Hashem, then I will fight Klal Yisrael.” We see a correlation between the 70 nations of the world, coming against us and our connection to the Tree of Life.
    The Arizal writes that “Gog and Magog” has the gematria of 70, corresponding to all of the 70 nations, and will come and gather the 70 nations and be Molech (king) over them, and come against. Hashem will save us, then it will be Hoshana Rabbah, as the galus will come to end, and we won’t have any more galus, because up until now we go from galus to galus to galus, but not any longer.
    The Medrash Rabbah in Vayikra 27 is similar to the Zohar, but uses a lashon of “Nizdaveg,” to partner up, meaning to fight Hashem, instead of the words, “ to get up and fight.” This Medrash mentions that Gog will degrade all of the prior Reshaim that tried to get rid of Klal Yisrael, calling them the stupidest people on earth in their fight against us, and that they had it all wrong. Gog has a new plan, which he thinks is the smartest of them all, which is to detach us from Hashem first, the only way that he could possibly destroy us. Hashem laughs at him, and wipes him out. In reality, Gog’s stupidity is the same stupidity as all of the previous Reshaim; you just cannot get rid of Klal Yisrael, because our connection to Hashem is eternal.
    Another Medrash goes into a little more detail. It says that every rasha that tried to wipe us out, called the previous Reshaim, “Shotim Sheba’olam.” Each one thought the previous one was the stupidest person on earth. Kayin killed Hevel, and said, I will now inherit everything. Eisav said that Kayin was stupid, because Adam could still have more children, and he did, Shes. So, Eisav said he would wait until his father dies, and then he would kill Yaakov. Comes along Pharoah and says, Eisav was stupid, because Yaakov had sons that could inherit him, and they did. So Pharoah says that he will kill out all of the boys, so no more boys can inherit anything. Comes along Haman and says, Pharoah was stupid! If a jewish girl has a boy, even from a non Jewish man, the child is Jewish! So, he tried to wipe out all of the Yidden, men and women, boys and girls, but did not succeed. Comes along Gog, and says, everyone was stupid. They didn’t realize that the problem is that they have Hashem. We need to first disconnect them from Hashem to succeed. Hashem laughs at him.
    We clearly see how so full of Gaavah each one of these Reshaim were, that they would call the previous one stupid. Each Rasha would think that they have the best plan in the world, and became more and more ambitious to wipe us out. In reality, they are all stupid to the same degree, because no matter what they will never succeed, regardless of what their new tactic is against us.
    We all knows the famous Gemara that says, in the times before Mashiach, “Chutzpah Yasgei.” This can be observed in the Reshaim’s attitude towards us, in their ambitions to wipe us out. They get more and more brazen as time goes on.
    The Gemara in Brachos 13A says that the Pasuk in Yeshaya 48:18 “behold, a ‘Chadasha,’ a new thing is being done,” is referring to Milchemes Gog and Magog. The new thing is the new tactic against us, to disconnect us from Hashem. As we will later mention, corresponding to this, to combat this, we are meant to sing a Shira Chadasha to Hashem.
    The Be’er Mosh says that Gog’s new plan is to send us all the way down to the Nun Shaarei Tumah, to separate us totally from Hashem. This would be accomplished by having our Emunah removed from us. The Gemara in Avoda Zara discusses the goyim as coming forward Leasid Lavo, and trying out the mitzvah of Sukkah, but ultimately rejecting it, fulfilling the Pasuk of “ Ninatkah Es Mosroseimo, Vinashlicha Mimenu Avosaimo,” that they will throw off the Mitzvos. The Gemara also says that the goyim will come with Tefillin on their arms and heads, and will be wearing Tzitzis and have Mezzuzos on their doors, and will throw off the Mitzvos, based of the same Pasuk. The Be’er Moshe explains this to mean that they are trying to show us that we should do the same, that we should abandon the Mitzvos and Hashem.
    The Medrash Rabbah at the beginning of Shemos says an opinion that when the Pasuk says that “a new (chadash) king got up, it really meant that the original Pharoah was kicked out of being Pharoah for three months, for not wanting to work with the Egyptians to hurt Klal Yisrael. He said to them, “Are you stupid? We survived and lived because Yosef, the Jew, saved us, and you want to attack them? After three months, he agreed to go along with them, and they brought him back to his position. This is referencing the fact that he renewed himself, and fought Klal Yisrael, like Gog does. Much of what Pharoah and Mitzrayim did, is brought back by the final Galus as well.
    The Gemara in Sanhedrin 94A says that Hashem wanted to make Chizkiya Hamelech, Mashiach, and Sancheirev, Gog. In the end, because Chizkiyah didn’t sing Shira, he didn’t become Mashiach, and therefore, Sancheirev did not become Gog. The Be’er Moshe points out that we see that Gog is not one specific person. He also says that the war is mostly a spiritual war. Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman Ztz’l has written that there was Gaavah by Kriyas Yam Suf, when the Egyptians were riding towards the Yidden, to kill them. “Ki Gaoh Gaah.” We sang Shira. Sancheiriv, who we know was going to be Gog, was defeated by the Shira of the Malachim.
    We also see that Shira is integral part of Mashiach coming, and is a big weapon against Gog and Magog. We are supposed to say Shira when we see the downfall of the Reshaim, like we see from the complaint on Chizkiyah Hamelech, as well as from Dovid Hamelech, who sang Shira when he saw the downfall of the Reshaim. in Brachos 10A.
    The Gemara in Brachos also discusses the reason why Perek Gimmel of Tehillim, about the rebellion of Avshalom against his father, Dovid Hamelech, is next to Perek Beis, talking about Gog and Magog. The Gemara answers that this is because someone might think that a servant would never rebel against his master, and therefore it can be proven that it can happen, as we see that even a son rebelled against his father. Certainly, a servant has the capability to rebel against his master. A few daf earlier, on 7B, Rav Yochanan says in the name of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai, that a son going off the derech is worse than the war of Gog and Magog, as proven using the same juxtaposition of the pesukim. We see the relationship of Gog rebelling, and children rebelling.
    The Ben Yehoyada asks on a question on the Gemara, and I believe Rav Chaim Kanievsky raised the question as well in one of his sefarim. The question is, why is it so hard to understand that a servant can rebel against his master? As we see from Nimrod, whose name actually means to rebel, and from Pharoah, who always fought back against Hashem, rebellion is very possible. The Ben Yehoyada answers that Nimrod really believed in G-d, but thought that He was not involved in our lives, but did not totally disregard Hashem. Pharoah knew the name “Elokim,” but did not recognize Hashem’s four-letter name. The Dor Haflagah, on the other hand, totally rebelled against Hashem and denied Him, and is like Gog and Magog. We see how he compares the Dor Haflagah to Gog and Magog, in their total war on Hashem. Perhaps we can learn from what they did, to what Gog will do.
    The Be’er Moshe takes this a step further, and quotes the sefer, Migaleh Amukos, who says that Nimrod and Sancheirev are incorporated into Gog and Magog, and come together with their strengths to fight against us. This is hidden in the word נסוג, meaning that we should turn away from Hashem, each letter hinting at one of these Reshaim.
    Moav and Midyan
    The Be’er Moshe writes in Parshas Balak, that Bilaam wanted to me Machshil Klal Yisrael in the Tumah of Gaavah.
    The Zohar in 3:210 a, says that Bilaam wanted to build 7 mizbachos, to come against “Koh,” spelled Chof Hey. The Be’er Moshe says this refers to Knesses Yisrael as a whole, which is called Malchus. He says that Bilaam’s entire intention was to disconnect us from the power of Malchus, by building these 7 mizbachos, to fight against our connection to the Sefiros of Kedusha.
    Malchus is Anivus, humbleness, which is called “ Leis Lei Migarmei Klum,” it has nothing of its own essence, it is just a vessel. Therefore, Bilaam wanted to hurt us with Gaava, the antithesis of Klal Yisrael’s essence, Anivus.
    The Medrash Rabbah, Parshas 20 says that Bilaam said to Hashem, “Isn’t the avoda of the 7 nations better than the avoda of one nation?” i.e. Klal Yisrael. He was comparing us to them, saying they are just as good as us, and can replace us.
    Bilaam wanted us to be like the Goyim, steeped in Tumah, and to lose the connection to Hashem, and therefore be able to destroy us. Bilaam refers to Klal Yisrael in his nevuah and says we are an “Am Livadad Yishkon.” Hashem was telling him that Klal Yisrael is separate from the other nations, and cannot be compared to them.
    The Be’er Moshe continues to say that the Arizal writes in Likutei Torah, Devarim, that Moav is the aspect of Chochma of the Sitra Achra. He points out that in another location, by Vayera, the Arizal writes that Moav is the aspect of Malchus of the Sitra Achra. This is not a contradiction, because true Chochmah is Anivus, which is Malchus. Take the word חכמה, and break it into two parts, and it becomes מה and כח, referring to the strength of מה, which is Anvius. Everything in Kedusha has a correspondent in Tumah.
    Because we need Anivus to truly acquire Torah, meaning, Malchus brings out the Chochma, Moav fights Klal Yisrael, to make us become attached to the Tumah of Gaava, the antithesis of the good kind of Malchus, to disconnect us from Hashem and the Torah.
    The Gemara is Sanhedrin 106 A says that when it says that Klal Yisrael did the aveirah in Shittim, it is alluding to the fact that were dealing with “divrei shtus, stupid things.” The sefer, “Bichinas Olam,” brings down that Gaavah is something that a Baal Gaavah cannot recognize. He simply cannot see his own problems. This is also mentioned by the Gemara, in Sotah 3A. “A person doesn’t do an aveira unless a Ruach Shtus enters him.” A person just becomes blind to the reality of the Aveira.
    The Gemara Sotah 4b continues, “Anyone is acts with Gaavah will eventually succumb to the aveirah of being with a married woman.” This refers to znus. We see that Gaavah leads to znus, and is a Shoresh of Znus. Znus is an offshoot of Gaavah. They really go hand in hand.
    The Gemara 14A continues, “Why was Moshe Rabeinu buried by Beis Peor? To be Michaper, to atone for what happened at Beis Peor.”
    Tosfos writes that every year, around the time of year that Midyan and Moav caused us to stumble greatly, the Tumah of Beis Peor comes out to try to get Klal Yisrael to do aveiros again. And every time, Moshe Rabeinu fights against the Tumah of Peor, to protect Klal Yisrael. The reason that it is Moshe Rabeinu who can be Michaper for this, is because he was an “Anav Mikol Adam,” he was the biggest Anav to have ever lived. He personified the Middah of Anivus.
    He was buried in the valley, called a “גיא.” This is in contrast to the bad kind of גיא, which is גאיות, Gaavah. If we lower ourselves, if we humble ourselves like a valley, Hashem will lift us up like a mountain.
    The Medrash Rabba Bereishis 89 says that Reshaim are so full of themselves that they even go against their own gods. The Be’er Moshe points out that this can be see from the very fact that the way that they worshipped Baal Peor, was to go to the bathroom in front of it. There is no bigger disgrace than this, yet this is exactly how they served their Avoda Zara.
    We need to know whom we are dealing with. Moav represents Gaavah, and Midyan represents Taavah. The Arizal writes in Likutei Torah in Yisro, that Midyan is the bad side of Ahava, which represents Machlokes and fighting. The bad kind of Ahava is also Taavah. What is interesting is that really Moav and Midyan were enemies, but they banded together to attack Klal Yisrael, using all of their strengths in tumah against us. These two middos paired up together and became like one, in achdus.
    The Be’er Moshe writes much more on this topic, but it is too much to bring down here, and for our purposes, will be omitted. Part of what we are trying to say is that Gaava, at its source, brings out Taavah, and arguments and fighting. For the sake of the reader, I will simply list a few concepts that the Be’er Moshe says is connected to Gaavah:
    1. The Yisod and the Shoresh of the Nachash is Gaavah. (Avos Dirabbi Nosson, perek aleph)
    2. Gaavah is the Avi Avos hatumah. The Divrei Chaim writes that the root of Adam Harishon’s aveirah was Gaavah.
    3. The root of Tumas Mitzrayim was Gaavah.
    4. Gaavah is the shoresh of Death. Without Gaava, there would be no death.
    5. Gaavah is the shoresh of all bad Middos, and all bad Taavos.
    6. Bilaam in his Bracha to Klal Yisrael, praising Klal Yisrael, tried to make them full of Gaavah, which is what caused them to fall.
    7. Gaavah is like Kalus Rosh, not being serious, and Shichrus, drunkenness, and disconnect from Hashem and Daas, while Anivus is connecting to Daas, being in control and connected to Hashem.
    8. The shoresh of the Chet Haegel was Gaavah, This corresponds to cheit Adam HaRishon, as the Zuhama from the Chet of Adam Harishon, came back due to the Chet Haegel.
    9. Gaavah itself is a shtus that the Baal Gaavah cannot recognize.
    We see that Gaavah is one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem for Klal Yisrael, and that if we would get rid of Gaavah, we would solve many of our problems by doing so.
    The Zohar 3: 198 A actually compares Bilaam and Balak to Gog and Magog. It says there that they wanted to fight against Kneses Yisrael, and the Pasuk brought down in the Zohar is the Pasuk referring to Gog and Magog, in Tehillim 2:2, “ against Hashem, and against His Mashiach.” This is because at the root, they are the same, it is all the Satan and the Sitra Achra, trying to wipe us out totally, and disconnect us from Hashem, as mentioned earlier. Gog and Magog is at its core, Gaavah and Chutzpah Atzuma, as the Be’er Moshe writes, so much so that Gog is “Micharef and Migadef,” he curses and screams and denies Hashem, and does so out in the open for all to see. This means, that whether or not you want to call it Gaavah, or Gog and Magog, it is one and the same. Gog is stemming from Gaavah. We have to understand this very clearly. Gaavah is out there, a spiritual force that has wanted to get rid of us from the beginning. This is the Yetzer Hara, Amalek, the Satan; they are all the same at their core. They are so full of Gaavah, that they are out in the open, fighting against Hashem. We should be able to see it clearly, but for some reason, we are not able to see. We should be able to open our eyes and see that the enemy is out there, revealing itself more and more. It seems that it may be possible to see, nowadays, the spiritual occurring out in the open. We really do see, but for some reason, we don’t understand what we are seeing. Meaning, we actually see the Shoresh of Tumah. poking through the veil of Olam HaZeh, but we do not recognize Gaavah for what it is.
    First of all, why is this?
    It all goes back to the source. Midyan and Moav are the essence of Gaavah and Taavah. They tricked us into doing aveiros by Baal Peor. They used their kochos of Gaava , which leads to avoda zara and znus, and the koach of Taavah, to get us to be oved avoda zara, and to be mizaneh. What actually happened is that they tricked us into thinking that an aveirah was a mitzvah. We thought that to go to the bathroom in front of the avoda zara would be a disgrace to it. In reality, that is exactly how it is served, which in that situation is an issur, no matter what your intention would be. Our eyes were covered up regarding avoda zara. In addition, our eyes were covered up regarding bathroom functions, and being not tzniyus. Meaning, we can see an avoda zara, and not realize that it is one. We will do things that are avoda zara related, and not realize it. Regarding znus as well, our eyes were covered up, and from then on were able to fall into the Yetzer Hara’s trap much more easily. The Be’er Moshe points out that Moshe Rabbeinu was buried by Peor to atone for the aveira of Baal Peor. He warned us about it again after it already was over and done. Yehoshua warned us about it when we entered Eretz Yisrael, saying that it still affects us until this day. Not just this, but the very essence of Gaavah, a person will be blind to. As mentioned earlier, a Baal Gaavah cannot recognize his own issues. In the same vein, there is something very important for us to be aware of, but is not really the purpose of this topic, except to maybe help reveal the Tumah for what it is. We need to know that we were heavily afflicted by the Aveirah of Baal Peor, and that the concept of znus, pritzus, and bathroom functions are heavily rooted in avoda zara. They are not stam aveiros, they have a connection to avoda zara. To talk about the beauty of the body, is to give kavod to znus, which is really stemming from Gaava/avoda zara. To talk about bodily functions for no reason is giving kavod to avoda zara.
    The Ramchal says that the Tumah will get to be so big, that it will spread and spread, until it gets to be too big, to the point that Hashem will simply be Mivatel it. What is happening in the world today, is that Gaavah, and the bad Middos that comes along with them, are coming out in their full form. I would like to give a few examples, that seem to be stemming from the middah of Gaavah. Please excuse the topics, but they are important to be aware of, in order for us to start seeing how the Ra is manifesting. Nowadays, people communicate via text messaging, and often use smiley faces to communicate emotions as well, called emojis. Only over the past few years, in the secular world, something called the “Poop” emoji was created, which is a smiley face in the shape of dung. T-shirts are being sold, mugs and slippers, all in the shape of fecal matter, as well as being put into movies. It is cool to have something that references fecal matter. This is giving kavod to bodily functions. When it comes to Znus, it is rampant enough in the world, we do not need to discuss it, but we will mention that the billboards are getting more and more brazen each month. Almost every city bus in New York is covered by pictures of undressed woman, or advertising for a museum that gives kavod to znus, or advertising for a movie which is all about znus. The other kind of ads that they are showing are ads promoting the LGBT movement, another form of znus, which is actually called a Toeivah, like Gaavah is. “Toavas Hashem Kol Givah Lev.” Don’t think about the following too long, but I also think it is important to point out that Nivul Peh, cursing and screaming profanities, are all made up of words regarding znus, and bathroom functions. When a person gets really upset, and their raw emotions come out, they start screaming about znus and the bathroom. Don’t think about this too long, but this is how badly we were afflicted by Moav and Midyan, Gaavah and Taavah, to the point that people don’t even realize what they are doing. (As a side note, to use the word “holy,” in any reference whatsoever with these words, is clearly an act of avoda zara, which stems from Baal Peor.) Kol Hakoeis, it is like they served an avoda zara, and we can see how this is true literally. The way the goyim walk in the street and use this language openly, is a clear indication of the chutzpah and Gaavah expressing itself very openly.
    It makes sense that if Gog is stemming from Gaavah, we will be blind to him. We should not be able to recognize him for what he is, just like we cannot recognize Gaavah for what it is. At the same time, everyone can see Gaavah in another person really clearly, which does give us an opening to see Gaavah for what it is, in some sense.
    We want to suggest that we are currently in the Milchemes Gog and Magog. The way that this seems to be manifesting itself so far, would be in the following areas: The internet and smartphones, the spreading of Atheism and Apikorsus, being the main goal, and the Gay movement.
    Tehillim 40
    In Perek 40 in Tehillim, Dovid HaMelech sings a Mizmor, that Rashi says is referring to when the Yidden were in Mitzrayim, and by Kriyas Yam Suf, but is also corresponding to ALL of Klal Yisrael. Dovid HaMelech says, “Hashem raised me out of the deep pit, from the sinking mud,” which Rashi says refers to the “shackles” of Mitzrayim, and the ocean (Kriyas Yam Suf.) “Vayiten Bifi Shir Chadash,” Hashem will put a new song in my mouth, Rashi says this refers to the Shiras Hayam, (the song of the Geulah.) We see here that sinking in the waters is a reference to Mitzrayim and its Tumah. When Klal Yisrael was in Mitzrayim, the Egyptians threw the male babies into the river, to attempt to sterilize us, and stop us from being mikayem Pru Urivu, hoping that we would die out as a nation. Kriyas Yam Suf was also all about the water.
    The concept of the “Shir Chadash,” that we will sing, is going on the Shiras Hayam, but we know that the Shiras Hayam was really a song for the future, as it begins with the word, “Az,” meaning in the future. Actually, the very fact that here in Perek Mem it is called a “Shir Chadash,” a lashon Zachar, and not a “Shira Chadasha,” is hinting at the concept of the final Shir, will be in a Zachar, a male form. The Mashal is as follows: Up until now, we go from Galus to Galus to Galus, from one to the next, like a woman who gets pregnant and gives birth, and then gets pregnant again, etc. We keep going right into the next galus, like a woman who continues conceiving. A man, does not conceive. Comparatively, there will be no more Galus after the last Geulah. Therefore, the singing will be in masculine form. The Be’er Moshe and others point out that Shira is an integral part to the Geulah, and is specifically meant to be said when we see the downfall of the Reshaim.
    The very next Pasuk states, “Praiseworthy is the man who puts his trust in Hashem, and doesn’t turn to the, “Rehavim, and Satei Kazav.” Rashi says that Rehavim means Gaasus, which is Gaavah, and Satei Kazav refers to things that turn people off the derech, to avoda zara.
    Rav Chaim Vital writes in his sefer, Shaarei Kedusha, that one of the basic foundations of the world is Mayim, water, and that it is corresponding to the middah of Taavah. The Torah is compared to water, so we have the good kind of water, Torah, fighting against the Tumah of taavah.
    When we read the words that are saying that Dovid Hamelech is stuck in the deep water, it brings to mind the idea of being drowning in Tumah and shmutz. Just like Mitzrayim overburdened us horribly, not allowing us to function and focus on Hashem, the Ramchal says that the Yetzer Hara does the same. He overburdens us so we cannot grow in Avodas Hashem, and drags us down to the 49th level of Tumah. The internet does this to us as well.
    When we read the words Satei Kazav, it brings to mind the word “site,” as in an internet website, which leads us off the derech. The Radak says it is like the word Sotah, which clearly refers to znus, and it is like the Hebrew word “Shot,” which means to skim or surf along the top of the water. Why is it called “surfing the net?” Why is called, “the net?” Or the “Web?” Perhaps it is called the web, because it traps us, and we get stuck, like Dovid Hamelech mentions. Perhaps it is called surfing the web or net, because at its core, it is full of bad Taavos, as hinted to through its reference to water. When we read the word ocean, it makes us think of the fact that the ocean covers the world and connects the entire world, we all share the same ocean. Underneath the water, there are massive sea cables that are connecting the world together in the form of the internet. The internet leads us from one site to another, from one link to another, until we can find ourselves at a place that we don’t want to be.
    Now, you may not believe the following: After Rashi explains what the Satei Kazav is and what Rehavim are, he says, “Satei, איטורנאנץ in french.” Iternents. It is practically the word Internet! Look it up and see for yourself!
    The Navi Chabakuk says, “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Hashem, like the waters cover the ocean.” Perhaps it can be suggested that this is referring to the Kedusha side of what will happen. On the side of Tumah, the Internet is filling the world, connecting everyone together. The word ‘Daas,’ knowledge, also means connection. We also can maybe see the reference to water here. The pasuk immediately prior to this, is referencing Gog and Magog, as we see in the word, “Rik,” referring to the Goyim in the times of Milchemes Gog and Magog.

    The internet is full of Apikorsus, and atheism, which at its core is Gaavah and avoda zara. The internet is full of znus, which as we know, stems from Gaavah. As we said, Gaavah is the Shoresh of all Tumah and Rah. We all know that the internet is not good, but it is much more than that. It is a major tool, if not the biggest tool, of the Sitra Achra, and it perpetuates the most major aveiros, if not all of them. Lashon Hara is at its worst currently, as it can be spread so much more easily to the public. Through the internet, a person can kill someone by embarrassing them publicly on social media, which is like killing a person. Also, they can actually cause their death by bullying them into commiting suicided, which happens daily. Hackers can steal money through the internet, ruining a person’s life from the other end of the world. There is almost no end to the amount of things that occur through the internet, that are all against Ratzon Hashem. The internet is the main way Tumah is spreading in the world today.
    Like was mentioned at the beginning, the Arizal writes that Gog will come and gather the 70 nations and be Molech (king) over them, and come against Yerushalayim. The word Molech, means to be king over them. What does it mean to be a king? Rav Shimshon Pincus, in Shabbos Malkasa, writes, that a true Melech gathers together his people. When everyone is together as one, under one king, they become one nation, together. He says that another aspect of a real king is to provide for his people. A true king gives his subjects parnassah and food; he is their very life source, much like Yosef Hatzaddik was for the people in Mitzrayim when he sustained them during the famine. A true king gives Chiyus, life, to his people. A true king controls his people.
    There is no other way to say it, but if someone’s internet goes down, if their smartphone breaks, etc, they literally cannot function until they go to the cellphone store, or get the problem fixed. They immediately become depressed, and feel like they have nothing to do. This is just by adults. When it comes to kids with smartphones, if the parents take the phones away, the kids immediately scream and are chutzpadik to the parents, and even curse at them, etc. Their life support is literally taken away. What is happening? The kids get attacked in the Tumah that they are living off of, perhaps they start going through withdrawal, and their inner soul comes out, which is full of Gaavah and chutzpah, because that is where their Chiyus is coming from.
    The Be’er Moshe says that the Dor Haflagah is like Gog and Magog. It seems like this from the Ben Yehoyada as well, as well as other sefarim. The Be’er Moshe says that Gog is so full of chutzpah and Gaavah, that he is out in the open for everyone to see, he isn’t hiding at all. The Dor Haflagah brazenly built towers, up into the open sky, to fight Hashem. Nowadays we have these massive radio and cell towers, spreading the internet, reaching up to the sky, out in the open, perhaps alluding to the Dor Haflagah. The Dor Haflagah were apikorsim, going to fight against Hashem. They used their tower to get together in achdus to deny Hashem, and to fight Him. The internet does exactly that, linking everyone together, and spreads atheism and apikorsus in a way that was never possible before. It is a tool to deny Hashem. Currently, signal towers are being installed more and more in every possible location, not just in the forms of radio towers, but on the tops of houses as well.
    The Be’er Moshe, amongst many of the sefarim Hakedoshim, says that everything is Zeh Leumas Zeh. Everything on the side of Kedusha has a parallel on the side of Tumah. As we mentioned earlier, the Pasuk in Yeshaya says, “Ninatkah Es Mosroseimo, Vinashlicha Mimenu Avosaimo.” Gog and Magog are telling us to throw off our Tzitzis and Tefillin, our strings and straps with Kesharim, connecting points, our things that connect us to Hashem, which show we are Yidden. He is saying, come replace your connections with my connections the internet. Throw off Hashem, connect to me, Rachmana litzlan. The Be’er Moshe says that the specific things that signify us as Yidden, must be strengthened in Milchemes Gog and Magog. Bris Milah is one of our other Osos between Hashem and us. Gog says, come disconnect, and connect to me, and instead of your Os, do Aveiros on the internet instead, which is the opposite of Pru Urvu. How many people are using their phones during davening, or actually davening from their phones? If we are right, that the internet is an aspect of Gaavah and Gog revealing itself, then as people are davening, they are coming to connect with the Eitz Hachayim and at the same time, connect themselves to the Eitz Hamaves. They even look like the are bowing to their phones, at times. The Navi Yeshaya in Perek Beis, which is a nevuah on the Acharis Hayamim, says that people are bowing to the works of their hands, to the things they did with their fingers. Rashi says that the word bowing, is like bowing. This makes us think of people using their phones, the phones that access with tapping their fingers, always bent over them like they are bowing, and even using them during davening, making it look like they are bowing to their phones. The Ibn Ezra says that their fingers are bowing as well, all pointing towards the avoda zara. The Malbim says that the fact that they are bowing to these idols shows how stupid the bowers are. Does this not sound exactly like smartphones, and referring to using smartphones during Tefillah? Many Rabbanim have said this about using smartphones in Shul, that it is the dumbest thing in the world. Smartphones should not be used in Shul at all, no matter the need, whether it is for Torah or for Tefillah. As an aside, but in no means a joking manner, perhaps the reason that it is called a smartphone, is because it is really a tactic of Gog to get us to tune out and disconnect from Hashem. Remember, Gog comes up with a “new plan” against us, this grand, brilliant scheme that nobody else thought up before, everyone else being too dumb. Gog claims to be the smartest, coming up with a new tactic. The current situation that we are living in, with everyone addicted to their phones, glued permanently, not being able to function without them, has only come about in the last 15 years, something very new.
    Let us take this one step further. It is very clear from studies that have been done, that it is unhealthy to keep devices that have radio signals close to your body, or to live in the vicinity of one of these larger radio towers. If you actually look in the user’s manual for a smartphone, it tells you not to keep your phone within one inch of your body! Now, when people hold smartphones, it is very often in their lap, or leaning on their body, or the phone is put into the pocket. The studies have shown that the radio signals can lead to infertility. People need to be careful to keep their distance, even on a physical level. This is actually part of what Pharoah wanted to do to us! He wanted us to not be able to have kids and continue as a nation, by throwing the boys in the water, hinting at Taavah. Gog, on the other hand, is “much smarter,” and wants to disconnect us from Hashem, and then wipe out every single one of us, spiritually, and physically, but he still uses the same fundamentals as the previous Reshaim. Even without the knowledge of these studies, we know that using the internet leads to aveiros that are the opposite of Pru Urvu, and are considered a Bitul Aseh of Pru Urvu, which is exactly what Pharoah wanted to do to us.
    If anyone would be backed up against a wall, and would be told to get rid of the internet, they would claim that they need it for their business. This is usually the first reason why any given person got a smartphone in the first place, for their jobs. This is exactly the way that Pharoah tricked us into becoming enslaved to Mitzrayim. The Medrash writes that first, Mitzrayim offered the Yidden ten gold coins for ten bricks, or forty gold coins for forty bricks. As soon as the Yidden finished working, it was recorded as to how much work they were capable of doing, and then they were forced to continue doing that work, day and night, without being paid at all. We see how Mitzrayim tricked us into enslavement, and that they came to us in the guise of trying to help us out, and that it was for our benefit to get involved with them, when really their entire plan was just to control us. Everyone knows that once a person gets involved in the internet for business, they bite off more than they can chew, and get involved in worse things.
    Another Medrash: They told the Yidden, for your benefit, sleep at your workplace, because you simply won’t have enough time to complete all of your work if you need to spend time travelling. This would break down the barriers between work life and home life. This was really to break Klal Yisrael down, to not give them a home life, and to not allow them to have the opportunity to have children. We know that people often spend too much time at work, when they should be spending time with their families. This perpetuates feeling too overburdened, by work and by family, both conflicting with each other. At that point, parents would rather just relax than spend time actually paying real attention to their families. This often times will lead to parents just giving their smartphones to their children, to keep them occupied. What is happening here? There is a breakdown in home life. We end up having no real connection to our children. We end up not being michanech them properly, leaving the chinuch up to the little screens, teaching children how to be like the goyim, rather than teaching them a Torah life. Then we take away the screens, or we ask them to do something for us. They refuse, and get upset. Why? Because their real ‘parents,’ i.e. the ones that are raising them, are the smartphones! When a child is separated from a parent, they cry. Why should a child listen to their real parents, if from the child’s point of view, the technology is just as good as their parents? The technology provides endless distraction and entertainment, while the parents may be absent in their lives, not available, especially emotionally, for the child. The Navi Yirmiyah, 2: 27 says, “ they say to their avoda zara’s, ‘you are my parents!” This is because their avoda zaras are raising them! Parents are simply afraid that their children will go of the derech, so they don’t want to pressure them with chinuch, thinking that this is what leads to a child going away from the path of the Torah. It is exactly due to a lack of appreciation for true Yiddishkeit, or due to a lack of true chinuch, which cause children to go off the derech. When they have nothing to fall back on, when there is nothing sweet to be found in the version of Yiddishkeit that they were exposed to, they will not look back and try to hold on to the positive things in Yiddishkeit,when something gets difficult in their lives and makes them question their Emunah.
    Another thing that is happening in the world today, is that there is a very large internet company called Google. Google is used by everyone to search through the internet, for whatever they are looking for. In fact, most people’s homepage when they open their internet browser is Google. Everyone opens up the internet, sees Google and moves on, not realizing there is tool of Gog staring them right in the face. Google has relatively recently developed devices that many people have in their homes, which allow them to just speak out loud in order to access the internet, and do whatever they want on the internet. Meaning Google itself is taking form even in a physical object in people’s homes. It was already available on the phones themselves for the past few years in this form, but now it is becoming part of the homes literally.
    I believe that it was Rav Chaim Vital who says in one of his sefarim, (it was definitely one of the well-known Mekubalim,) that everything is not just represented as it is itself; It also takes form in the other forms of creation. To explain, we have a Domem, a Tzomeach, a Chai, and a Midaber. Just because a lion is in the category of being Chai, does not mean that there is no Domem that is like a lion, or no Tzomeach is like a lion, etc, rather everything is found in all different parts of creation. Perhaps this would apply to Gog and Magog as well. There would be a Domem that would be doing Gog’s Milchama, and that would be smartphones and the internet.
    What happens is, people speak out and ask Google for things. In reality, the only non-person we should be speaking out and asking things for, talking to an empty room so to speak, is Hashem. Why are people “davening” to Google so to speak, and saying, “send me groceries?” People are talking to an inanimate object, asking it for things. How can someone not realize the correlation to avoda zara?
    Is it so outlandish to say, that maybe, but not definitely, that the internet, and Google at its forefront, is as aspect of Gog and Magog? I would like to maybe suggest that the fact that they are called “smartphones,” is hinting at the idea that they are really a tool of Gog, stemming from the fact that Gog thinks he is smarter than all of the previous Reshaim, and uses whatever he can to disconnect us from Kedusha and Hashem.
    As was mentioned earlier, the Medrash says that every rasha that tried to wipe us out, called the previous Reshaim, “Shotim Sheba’olam.” Each one thought the previous one was the stupidest person on earth. Scientists are constantly making “new discoveries,” that disprove the previous discoveries of other scientists. Even evolutionists will disagree with Darwin, the Avi Avos Ha’apikorsus and evolution, and say there is absolutely no reason to say there is a G-d, when Darwin himself was an agnostic, he just was not sure if there was a G-d. The younger generation thinks they are better than the previous generation.
    One of the Medrashim had mentioned that Gog wants to be ‘Nizdaveg’ with Hashem. The very, very pashut pshat of the word is to pair up, or partner up. We know that a partner has an equal say as the other partner, like Rav Pincus Ztz’l mentions regarding Shabbos, as well as Rav Nissan Kaplan Shlita. He says that when we keep Shabbos and say Vayichulu by Friday night Kiddush, we are becoming equal partners with Hashem in creation, so to speak, and that when there are equal partners, if someone wants something from them, he can go to one, because he has equal power as the other. Therefore, someone can have in mind to daven for something that he desperately needs at that time, and will be answered. We want to maybe suggest a pshat in the word ‘Nizdaveg.’ What we are saying is that part of Gog and Magog is the spreading of atheism throughout the world. Unbeknownst to the author, it was revealed that Rav Nachman of Breslov actually mentioned this. Currently, the biologists and evolutionists are saying, there might be a G-d, but that he is totally unnecessary, Rachmana litzlan and that everything in creation can be explained by science. This is word for word, the very meaning of an equal partner, as they are trying to come and replace Hashem.
    What is really amazing is that the biggest atheist in the world, Richard Dawkins yimach shmo, when cornered and asked for the bottom line about his beliefs in G-d, he said this: “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
    This is the epitome of chutzpa, to the most extreme degree, to say such a thing about Hashem, who is totally Tov and Kadosh. To further the point, Dawkin’s complains that people relies on a G-d answer, to explain science. Whether it using the Torah to explain things or saying that science is dependent on miracles from Shamayim, his response is, “It is so unfair to just totally disregard all of the hard work that the scientists have done, and just provide a simple answer with no research. It is simply not fair.” We see that it seems that it might be that he really does believe in Hashem, and fights him tooth and nail nonetheless. He wants to remove all religion or mention of the universe being created by any being whatsoever, from all schools and institutions. When other scientist atheists were asked why they don’t believe in G-d. they answered, “Religion is so boring, and dry, so utterly pointless.” They have no concept of what it means to live a Torah life, but they know that they need to fight it, no matter what, and they do it with such disdain and blatant chutzpah. They say that religion has provided us with nothing positive.
    The Dor Haflagah is an aspect of Gog and Magog. The Dor Haflagah went up to fight Hashem, denying him. Evolutionists say that we came from monkeys, and that it is scientifically proven, as we can see it in the dna. The Gemara in Sanhedrin already said that some of the people that went up to fight Hashem were turned into monkeys! It is not that people came from monkeys, monkeys came from people! These people, the epitome of Chutzpah, use the very thing that they were divinely punished with, as a tool to deny Hashem’s existence! There is no bigger chutzpah that this!
    Currently, there is an organization called YAFFED, which is pushing to have a secular education in all Chasidishe Yeshivos. They claim that they are trying to push an education for our benefit, so Chasidim can have jobs. This is exactly the tactic of Pharoah, and the Be’er Moshe says, the tactic of Gog. They come to us pretending that they want to help us, but they really just want to overtake us and destroy us. I am not saying that these people even realize what they are doing, as was mentioned earlier, Gaavah blinds us to think that what we are doing is a mitzvah, when it is really an Aveirah. Do you know what their advertising billboards says? “It is your Mitzvah, it is your Law.” This is a prime example of portraying an Aveirah as a mitzvah, which is actually trying to disconnect us totally from Hashem. Let us suggest that their complaint, that we are obligated to teach our children, “אומנות,” doesn’t even start, because in this situation, we need to teach our children אמונה before אומנות, and if teaching our kids אומנות will lead to a lack of אמונה, then it is not proper.
    This concept of being blind to Gaavah, and from seeing the truth, is affecting Jewish people in another way as well. The Torah calls Gaavah an abomination, a toeivah, which is exactly what someone who commits a gay act, is called. Again, there is nothing wrong with a person, except for the acts that they do, and like we are saying, they do not realize what they are doing. The epitome of a Baal Gaavah is someone who is full of themselves. It is someone who is so obsessed with themselves, that they can do whatever they want, everything is coming to them, and nothing should be forbidden. They tell themselves,” if I want it, why shouldn’t I have it? It is all about me, me, me.” Really, like we are saying, since Taavah stems from Gaavah, the problem is the Gaavah, not the Taavah, and that is what needs to be addressed in the long run. The concept of “coming out,” seems to be the source of Tumah, Gaavah itself, becoming more revealed. These people parade in the streets, saying that if you do not accept them for how they are, not expecting them to change, which is exactly what an ultimate Baal Gaavah is, a narcissist, would say, then there is something wrong with you, and YOU are evil. It is called “gay pride, which literally means, “Gaavah Gaavah.” We are holding at a point where the Ra is saying, “I am Gay! And I am here to stay!” This is the Ra speaking through them, without them realizing it all. They have become a vessel for the Tumah, in physical form. To have these tendencies is one thing, but to write it into law, allowing it be done Lchatchilah, is denying the very nature of what it is: a lust like any other, that needs to be kept in check. There is no other desire in the world that people are forcing others to accept in society, except for these znus related taavos. What they are really doing is saying, yes, being gay is a taavah, but we are holding before that, we are Gaavah itself, and therefore they do not want to change. This is the very problem of the Baal Gaavah, he thinks that there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. There is even a Jewish group in Canada, simply called, “Gaavah.” This problem has crept into even the modern orthodox community, where it is offered Lchatchilah to go to gay summer camps, to be paired up with a gay chavrusa, to get married, with wedding invitations with the names of two women, Rachmana litzlan. Jewish groups wish them mazel tov, and that they should build a bayis neeman biyisrael. This is a total perversion of the Torah! How has this aveirah become mufkah to the point that is even portrayed as a mitzvah to support gay rights, etc? How can someone say that the Hashem would support the gay movement, when simultaneously He calls it an abomination? The answer is simple, Gaavah has a segulah of blinding people, especially those who do not have the light of the Torah, to the point that they think that aveiros are mitzvos, especially when it comes to Gaavah itself, and anything related to it.
    The symbol of the entire gay movement is a rainbow. The entire symbol of a rainbow is a reference to fighting Hashem, when they would tell you that it really stands for peace. How is this so? We know that the rainbow is a sign that Hashem wanted to destroy the world. The Mishna says that the reason that the rainbow is curved the way it is, pointing at the sun like a bow and arrow, as opposed to being curved around the sun, is in order that people should not make a mistake in Avoda Zara. If they would see the sun with a bow around it, they would think that the sun is a god, and would pray to it. Rather, Hashem limited His own kavod, by turning the bow around, so now it looks like we are pointing the bow at HIM, so to speak. making it look like we have the upper hand. This is hinting at the fact that Hashem wants to destroy the world to due to our aveiros, but that we have Him with His hands up, so to speak, because He promised not to destroy the world.
    The very essence of Gaavah, comes out in this form. Gaavah leads to Taavah. When a person is so full of themselves, they do not even need to go to another gender. What they are not realizing is that, all it is, is a Taavah! The issue is, that they have no intention of changing, just like Gaavah, the root of Evil, has no intention to change. It wants to stay and fight against Hashem. If you want to recognize the Samech Mem acting in Olam Hazeh, hear him say, “I am Gay and I am here to stay.”
    To summarize, there are many ways in which Gaavah or Gog and Magog is manifesting. The aveirah of Toeva becoming an entire movement, is a Gilui of the Ra. There is not much to do directly against that, but we can do other things that will help fight against it, indirectly. The idea is to fight the Tumah as a whole, and that is by strengthening in Emunah, staying connected to Hashem, and by singing Shira.
    Rav Pincus says that the real way to acquire Emunah, even for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of Yiddishkeit, is to simply learn Torah. The very exposure to Torah will change a person, and light the spark inside them. Reish Lakish says in Avoda Zara 3B, that someone who learns Torah at night, Hashem draws a Chut of Chesed upon him during the day. This comes from the pasuk that says, “Ubilailah, Shiro Imi,” which means at night, his shira is with me. We see that Torah is called Shira, especially during the night. It would make sense to strengthen our Torah learning at nights, fighting with the double-edged sword of Torah and Shira. As was mentioned earlier, Torah is the good kind of Mayim, and Taavah is the bad kind of Mayim. If it is correct to say that the internet is compared to Mayim, then it makes sense that Limud Hatorah will help combat it directly.
    The other way that the sefarim bring down, is to praise Hashem, but not just in words, in a statement, but rather in song. Meaning, to say, “Baruch Hashem,” is great, but that is not enough. We need to sing it mamash, with enthusiasm. The Vishnitzer Rebbe, in the sefer Imrei Chaim, says that Shabbos is the best time to sing Shira to Hashem, as Shabbos is a time that we can do it with enthusiasm. This fits like a glove with the concept that Shabbos is the pinnacle of Emunah, and that by being Shomer Shabbos according to Halacha, and by singing Zemiros on Shabbos, we can really strengthen our Emunah, and sing proper Shira. Perhaps this can be one understanding as to why if we would all keep one Shabbos, we would be zocheh to the Geula, because it would show that we have strengthened our Emunah in Hashem. May we further suggest that to learn Torah, on a Friday night, after singing Zemiros by the Seudah, which as we know, if we eat the three seudos, it protects us from Milchemes Gog and Magog, we can really achieve the perfect combination of Shabbos, Torah, nighttime learning, and Shira.
    Regarding the Pasuk of “Vehayshev Lev Avos Al Banim, Vilev Banim Al Avosam,” a pshat has been offered, which is that younger people are coming back to the path of Yiddishkeit, and they are often dragging their parents back to Yiddishkeit with them. Maybe another pshat can be suggested. Maybe the pasuk means that parents need to start paying attention to their kids again, and to be michanech them. They cannot be left to their own devices, literally, which can lead them off the derech no matter how hard parents will try to keep them on. If they read apikorsus on the internet, or divrei leitzanus, it will affect them to the core, and they will lose the appreciation of Yiddishkeit, and their Koved Rosh for Yiddishkeit. Children should not have smartphones at all, and nobody, adults or children, should have an unfiltered internet access. Without a filter, once you are connected, you are connected, and even if you would only use the internet for good things, it would still be full of Tumah, because there is nothing being Mivarer the Tov from the Ra.
    When it comes to Tefillin, one of the Mitzvos that define us as Jews, and is one of the specific things that we need to strengthen during Milchemes Gog Umagog, yes, we are able to fulfill this mitzvah much better than previous generations were able to, due to our advancements in technology and the like. Unfortunately, as Klal Yisrael as a whole, we are lacking in this mitzvah greatly. The author has personally been to a massive shul, which is the Shul for the entire community, of thousands of Frum Yidden, where the large majority of mispallelim there are wearing their tefillin too far down on their foreheads, even almost between the eyes. This can be observed on any day of the week, except for Shabbos. When one of the well known Talmidei Chachamim there was asked as to why nobody wears their Tefillin according to Halacha, the Talmid Chacham’s response was that of course they need to be wearing them higher up. The author thought that maybe they had a different minhag of some sort. This is only one shul that has been observed. Even with signs hanging in almost every place of Tefillah, clearly showing how to properly wear Tefillin, it is still not being done. What is amazing is that due to not wanting to look into a mirror, a Middah that is highly desirable, but not one of the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit, it is only from Kaballah, they are throwing away the mitzvah Midoirasa of Tefillin. How many are not covering their Shel Yad, not keeping to the Pasuk of, “it should be for you as a sign,” meaning for you, and not for others. One morning, the author had put Tefillin on, and was hoping that someone would point out if the Tefillin were improperly placed, because a mirror was not available. Someone came and pointed out as to how they should be straightened. The author then noticed that this person’s Tefillin were very far down on his forehead himself. It was mentioned to this person, that the Tefillin need to be back by the hairline. The person admitted that yes, it does, but that his sect of Yiddishkeit’s Tefillin are too big, so if they would put it back to the hairline, the knot in the back would be in the wrong place. He immediately added that yes, he knows that it is not good either, but what are they supposed to do? The author mentioned that Gog and Magog want us to not wear Tefillin, and received the answer, “Don’t go to the mystics.” The Gemara is a b’feirush Gemara. The Halacha is Halacha regardless of what era you live in. We really need to be careful about this, amongst all the other Halachos that can invalidate the Mitzvah of Tefillin. Rav Chaim Kanievsky warns anyone that he sees that has long hair in the front, to cut it. Otherwise, the Tefillin are simply not being worn at all, no matter how holy the author of the parshiyos in the Tefillin is, or how many times he dipped in the mikva before writing them.
    Regarding Tzitzis, it is a total wonder how mesh Tzitzis are still being sold today, when there are no poskim who say that it is valid. Regarding Tzitzis in general, look at the Tzitzis in the store before you buy them, and you will see that the amounts of wrappings are usually not accurate. This shows that we can and need to be michazek in this area. We can start wearing our Tzitzis out. Related to this, a problem arises if someone does not wear his Tzitis out, which is that people may suspect him of not wearing Tzitzis, thereby causing those people to do an aveira.

    There needs to be a clear distinction, from here until the end of this document, to the first part of this document. The following are some slightly interesting ideas which may help support what has been said, but are in no ways meant to be considered Toras Emes, they are just perhaps interesting insights, and we know that nothing happens in the world for no reason.
    The top smartphone maker is Samsung. Spelled in Hebrew, this can be read as, “Samech Mem, sung, alluding to the new song of the Tumah, the new tactic of the Tumah against us. This would be in contrast to the good kind of Shira that we need to sing. In addition, the very name “Samsung,” is the Roshei Teivos of the Samech Mem, followed by Sancheirev, Nimrod, Gog. (Pele Pla’im.)
    The next largest smartphone producer is Huawei, which is basically a permutation of the name of Hashem. One of the original internet companies, “Yahoo,” is really a name of Hashem as well. Google came and overtook Yahoo, to the point that a Google executive became the CEO of Yahoo. This is one way that we can see a hint, a mashal in the grand play that is Olam Hazeh, of Gog coming to fight Hashem. (The author is not saying that Yahoo is Hashem, please do not make this mistake, it is just a mashal.) After them is Apple, referencing the first aveirah ever done, the cheit of Adam HaRishon, which was eating from the Eitz Hadaas, which we know is coming from Gaavah. The Iphone itself, in Hebrew, is basically the same word as the Aramaic, ‘Apeihon,’ meaning ‘their face,’ a word that the Targum in Yirmiyah perek beis, pasuk Chaf Zayin, uses in regards to Klal Yisrael’s turning their backs on Hashem to go to avoda zara. Why is the word “phone” spelled with a “ph,” as opposed to an ‘f?’ The very word, ‘phone,’ seems to be coming from the word ‘poneh,’ to turn away from Hashem, as the pasuk says, “Al tifneh el haellilim,” don’t turn to avoda zara. As we know that avoda zara is rooted in Gaavah, we see this in the word, “Iphone.” It is all about me, me, me. The word Iphone says, I Poneh, “I turn away from Hashem.” The very name of their software is IOS, hinting at the “I,” and the word OS. Remember, Gog comes to detach us from our Osos, defining us as Yidden, and wants to replace it with Tumah. How many Yidden have fallen prey to even using their Iphones on Shabbos, destroying the OS of Shabbos with the OS of an Iphone.
    Google in Hebrew, is the gematria Magog. Google clearly references Gog. The Lamud and the Yud equal Mem, making it Magog. The headquarters for Google is in California, the state shaped like the letter “L,” for the left side, or Sitra Achra, all the way on the left side of the country, and in the way that we look at the globe, the left side of the world. It is the headquarters of Tumah and Liberalism. It is located in the city of Mountain View. Perhaps this is hinting at Har Seir, that will be judged for coming against Klal Yisrael. Gog is supposed to be judged with fire, as it says in Yechezkel 38, “and with stones of Algavish.” referring to the Barad that remained from Makkas Barad in Mitzrayim, that was also sent down by Hashem onto our enemies when Klal Yisrael was conquering parts of Eretz Yisrael with Yehoshua in Perek 10. Over the past few years, wildfires have been breaking out in California, and currently they are at a situation where they say the fires are uncontrollable. If you would look at a map as to where these fires are, you will see that they are covering a good large amount of land in California. The very name California means in Hebrew, “Kal Li, Forn,” possibly eluding to the tremendous Kalus Rosh, lightheadedness, that is stemming from there, and all the Tumah of pornography which comes from there. The Be’er Moshe says that Kalus Rosh stems from Gaavah. Then there is Hollywood, the seat of Tumah and Sheker, which literally means holy wood, which can be referring to an Ashera tree, alluding to the Ir Hanidachas, which needs to be wiped out totally.
    Another thing. Many Yidden have said that Gog and Magog are different people with similar names. Although no source for this has been found as of yet, maybe we can suggest, albeit with an apprehensiveness, that if Klal Yisrael are not Neviim, perhaps they are the children of Neviim. The biggest non-believers and strengtheners of apikorsus of late have been, Darwin, Dawkins, and Hawking. Note the extreme similarities between the names.
    Finally, there is no denying that from many sources, it seems like there will nonetheless be, an actual war. From here until the end is very based off speculation, Is there going to be an actual physical embodiment of Gog? This war would be led by Gog, against Yerushalayim. Rav Chaim Kanievsky says that this war will be 3 hours long. Is it possible, that Gog, is the essence of Chutzpah, like we have said? Is it possible that there is a person out there, bent on destroying us totally? Of course, there are, ‘which one,’ you may ask. Who are the current people trying to wipe us out? The Palestinians, a non-nation. Remember, Gog is not a nation of himself, he gathers all of the seventy nations together to wipe us out. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has the eyes of the entire world on it. Palestinians have the backing of the entire world, biased against Eretz Yisrael. They are all joined together in their hatred of Eretz Yisrael, through the Palestinians. This started back when the State of Israel was founded. There was no achdus of the Goyim against Klal Yisrael, until State was founded, the Palestinians became a nation from nothing, and everyone turned towards their “plight.”
    The first Palestinian government body, was the Fatah wing. Fatah means, “to open.” This is perhaps the opening, or the beginning, of the end. This party was started by Yasser Arafat, Yimach Shmo, along with a few others. One of these people, who is still alive today, is Farouk Kaddoumi. He wants to kill every last one of us, and wipe Eretz Yisrael off the map. Why is he different than any other Arab that wants to kill us? He started the entire Palestinian nation. He is actually currently the leader of the Fatah wing today, although it is not the body of government in power, Chamas is. He was exiled from Israel.
    Everything is Zeh Leumas Zeh. Gog comes against Mashiach. Farouk means redeemer. Farouk also means to be “porek,” to remove the yoke of Heaven from our shoulders. His last name, Kaddoumi, means, “kedem,” the First One. He comes to uproot the First One, Hashem, or perhaps Klal Yisrael, who is called Kedem. Shemos Rabbah 38.
    Additional inisghts- the Zera Shimshon says that Dovid Hamelech was forced to serve avoda zara, and so will people in the time of gog and magog.
    The beer moshe says that one of the names of klal Yisrael is “gan naul,” referencing the fact that we were tahor in metzrayim. Gan is gematria of magog. Hinting that we need to be locked away from magog.
    It is possible that the whole problem we are having now with the transgender issue being rampant, is because there is a gender change occurring in the air. The shira is changing genders.


    I can post it all here, you can read it at your will. It will be in the next post.
    Hashem’s four letter name has many different permutations.
    Huawei seems to be hey hey vav yud.
    yahoo- eliyahoo, yirmiyahoo. Yahoo is a shem of Hashem.
    This discussion of there being no such thing as gematrias in non lashon hakodesh is a valid point, but moot. The way you say google in hebrew, is google, in hebrew letters.

    It doesnt really matter what the companies motives were when coming up with their names. I am not saying that there is a grand conspiracy between the japanese and the americans to kill out all of the jews, being gog and magog. I am saying that the Satan is working behind the scenes, it is just that when it comes to gog and magog, we have to understand this very basic idea, that he is so full of chutzpah and gaava, that he is in your face, not hiding, but at the same time, blinding people from seeing the truth,

    I implore you to read the next thing I post. I am not going to leave out certain parts that are really not directly related to the topic of the internet. i am leaving them in, because they go hand in hand with the concept of gaavah and gog and magog.


    Walls of text typically go unread.


    The Arizal writes that “Gog and Magog” has the gematria of 70, corresponding to all of the 70 nations, and will come and gather the 70 nations and be Molech (king) over them, and come against. Hashem will save us, then it will be Hoshana Rabbah, as the galus will come to end, and we won’t have any more galus, because up until now we go from galus to galus to galus, but not any longer.

    The word Molech, means to be king over them. What does it mean to be a king? Rav Shimshon Pincus, in Shabbos Malkasa, writes, that a true Melech gathers together his people. When everyone is together as one, under one king, they become one nation, together. He says that another aspect of a real king is to provide for his people. A true king gives his subjects parnassah and food; he is their very life source, much like Yosef Hatzaddik was for the people in Mitzrayim when he sustained them during the famine. A true king gives Chiyus, life, to his people. A true king controls his people.

    There is no other way to say it, but if someone’s internet goes down, if their smartphone breaks, etc, they literally cannot function until they go to the cellphone store, or get the problem fixed. They immediately become depressed, and feel like they have nothing to do. This is just by adults. When it comes to kids with smartphones, if the parents take the phones away, the kids immediately scream and are chutzpadik to the parents, and even curse at them, etc. Their life support is literally taken away. What is happening? The kids get attacked in the Tumah that they are living off of, perhaps they start going through withdrawal, and their inner soul comes out, which is full of Gaavah and chutzpah, because that is where their Chiyus is coming from.


    Did someone really type all that, or was it cut and pasted from somewhere?

    Anyway B’H for Waze


    Yasher Koyach.
    I’m looking for Daas Torah on using Google Home. Is it in any way different than using Internet on a phone or computer? If it’s less likely that you will see assur things, that is?


    1. You need a filter to use the internet. When you have the ability to connect to everything, without limitations, its a problem.

    2. Does google home not involve using a screen at all?

    (3. There is a separate issue when it comes to a google home device, etc, and that is, if Moshe Rabeinu saw you using it, he would think it is an avodah zara. An inanimate object that all you do is talk to it and ask it for things? Seems like the physical manifestation of an avoda zara, albeit not one that people are actually serving knowingly, but are unknowingly giving chizuk to the concept of avoda zara.)

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