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    1.I knew a rav (he has since passed on) who was from Galicia. He said that unlike in Lithuania, which was always poor, Galicia was well off as it had oil (also textile factories). However, the economic boycott of the ’30s wiped out many Jews.

    My family was all from Galicia and they all came (From all sides) to America because they were so poor and needed income . They were not rich in Galacia


    Sam2 -“Kastner was listening to the Zionist regime? That’s not from Brisk. That’s straight from Stormfront or Brother Nathanael.”

    I assume that Sf. and BN are antisemitic websites. I never gone there, Not like You! The Truth hurts so much – so you compare Antizionism to antisemitism. They are Not the same, no matter what people are brainwashed with!


    Health- maybe in the Jewish world the two are by the same, but to any goy you ask they are the same. Some pro Palestinian university campus groups use “anti Zionism/ anti Israel approaches” but the real meaning behind these movements is a hatred for Jews at the core. You don’t hear the president of Iran yelling only ” death to Israel” he’s also yelling “death to the Jews”. If we as Jews cannot see this then we are troubled. They view is as one nation and its time for each f us to start doing the same. You can be an anti Zionist and have a brother who is in the army. You were born to the same mother by you just see the world through a different light. This doesn’t mean that you should disown him. So to the hundreds of thousands of people who are different than you.


    We don’t have to see things the same way we do. If the rest of the world saw China as representing the Jewish people, we wouldn’t start thinking of it as the same.

Viewing 4 posts - 151 through 154 (of 154 total)
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