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    I remember hearing that someone with dairy allergies is permitted to eat chicken during the 9 days. Does anyone know if there’s any truth to this?


    I have a close relative who has severe dairy allergies and is also restricted (by other dietary issues) from eating pasta or other grains in too large an amount. She asked and received a hetter to eat meat during the nine (well, eight — she doesn’t eat on Tisha b’Av) days.

    Of course, if this applies to you, you must AYLOR.

    The Wolf


    You could always go vegetarian.


    Makes sense as according to the many of the various reasons behind eating meat during the nine days chicken should not be included – it wasn’t brought in the beis hamikdosh and its not a something that causes simcha. The earliest mekor for assering chicken I believe is the Mordechai. Rav Ovadia Yosef has some extremely meikel teshuvos in regards to chicken and sheva shechal bo.


    I have never heard this directly from any source but it certainly makes sense. Not eating meat during the nine days is a minhag and minhagim usually don’t apply in abnormal cases or situations of great need.


    I do know that Rav Schachter was once Mattir a celiac to have chicken during the nine days.


    What about eating fish, vegetables, grains, and other parve foods? A person could go a few days eating parve very easily. Vegans do it pretty well.


    The Halocho clearly states that someone who medically requires to consume chicken, at any rate if feasible, should endeavor to be Machmir & abstain from Ov 7th onwards, that being the day that they entered & pilfered the Beis haMikdosh; i.e. Until Ov 6th there are more grounds for leniency in case of necessity & medical issues etc.

    BTW it is more important to fast on Tisha b’Ov and if this person who is allergic to Dairy & Pasta will be so weakened by skimp eating for 8 days prior, it is more important to eat enough to ensure his/her ability to have strength to fast on Tisha b’Ov.


    there are many foods made by the tofutti company. they have various cheeses such as american, cream cheese, cream cheese with chives, sour cream. they have tofutti pizza, tofutti ravioli as well.

    pretty big selection.

    another company has lactose free shredded cheese.

    of course each person must check the ingredients carefully so as not to get an allergic reaction of course.


    This was my point. There are plenty of vegan nondairy, fish, and other parve things a person can eat.


    mewho, you are probably thinking of Daiya cheese.

    yaakov doe

    Many lactose intolerant people manage just fine with fish,vegetables, beans, pasta etc. Americans eat too much meat anyway. In Europe our ancestors ate much less meat and poultry than we’ve become accustomed to.


    I’ve never understood why people go so crazy during the nine days. I very rarely eat either meat or dairy, so these are just another nine days for me, food-wise.

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