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    A Sefira season workout.

    Write something nice about another user/ poster, not specifically one you always get along with. Be sincere, heartfelt. And as per hilchos lashon hara please don’t include any negative statement (“.. , but …”) Not preceding, nor following. (and don’t use one s/n to write about another)


    I wanted to compliment little froggie and starting a thread that is going to make such a kiddush Hashem! I hope you continue to do Massim tovim for Am Yisroel!!!


    complement to @ourtorah for complimenting @little_froggie


    Nope. I didn’t start this for a compliment. I’m currently have a few few (ok, a drop more) minutes to spare, why not use it constructively?

    I’ll offer (nobody’s flooding the scene here, wonder why)

    I’ll pick Sam2. While not exactly everything I hold of, different shittos etc, he has proven himself time and time again for his vast solid and erudite knowledge in all of Torah and halachah, in all areas, literally. He’s very intellectual and profound, he can deliver his point very well. He doesn’t fly off the handle, he’s cool and collected, he knows what he’s talking about! I know it’s a drop in the bucket.. Maybe I’ll finish later (m-d willing)


    Next I’ll try Popa:

    To me he appears to gifted with a super-bright brain. Very smart in many areas; both of Torah and secular subjects. And according to one “girsa”, he actually holds Smichah (which makes him a Rov?) He has his unique style of commenting and writing, so full of intelligence and sagacity, wit and humor, clever pun and wisecracks. After going over and over one of his pieces, one begins to catch.. He exposes what he chooses to expose, he so cleverly conceals things he doesn’t want anyone to know. Again, extremely clever, hard to win in an argument.

    the plumber

    Compliment to poppa_bar_abba, cuz I’m sure if someone spends as much time on ywn as him, he had something complimentable



    This is a discrimination thread


    Next I’ll do Syag:

    Very articulate (is that the right word?), smart, bright, sensible and down to earth. Emotional and caring, she sees another’s matzav, she puts herself into someone else’s situation to help and assist them. I haven’t been into all her posts (most here to me are one big blob, except those that stick out), she comes across as a no-nonsense type of person (who has no need for my..), A hard worker and a doer on the go. (truly sorry for my..)


    This is a great idea. We often notice the negative that goes on in different places, but we should also notice the positive.

    I’ll compliment Goq for his sense of humor and his caring and concern for others in the community. In my opinion, would make a good mentor.


    I’d like to compliment charliehall for being so knowledgeable on so many things


    I want to compliment The Goq, for being sensitive and caring. Oh, I see someone else was of a similar mind. It must be so, then.


    I admire pixelate’s seventh sense.


    @HaLeivi lol


    Coffee and Shticky!! My favorites! So full of zest, life, humor and ‘tochen’.

    Come out from wherever you are!

    As Dr Watson said “beep, beep…beep,beep,beep..” (translates to ‘Come here I need you’)


    thanks Little Froggy for both this and the one about how we can make a difference 🙂


    Thanks to both sm29 and oomis I totally missed this thread, thank you both.


    I try to get along with everyone, so I don’t feel a personal machlokess towards anyone here, even when I may disagree. So I want to compliment everyone and anyone in the CR who is capable of expressing an opposing point of view, with both derech eretz and a little bit of humility, recognizing that others’ viewpoints might also be valid.


    This thread +1


    Oomis, this thread was not made for you. I bdavka wrote “..not specifically one you always get along with..” You do get along with everyone and (therefore) everyone gets along perfectly with with you. So this thread is not for you. (oops, did I just say something nice..)

    a mamin

    Among many others, I would like to compliment Little Froggie: For always making me smile. I find your threads to be very humorous and clever! Thanks for starting this post!


    Oomis, for being the practical and sweet bubby she is. 🙂

    Popa, for being so creative, its creepy.


    So this thread is not for you. (oops, did I just say something nice..) ”

    It’s a dirty job, but SOMEONE has to do it!!!!!!!

    “Oomis, for being the practical and sweet bubby she is. 🙂 “

    Both of you just made my day. Thank you so much!!!

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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