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    The levaya for Ayala Shulman that was in Chicago was held at the JDBY elementary school. To say it was filled with people is an understatement. Her friends, family, basically the whole community was there and mourning.

    During one of the hespedim – it might have been one of her brothers speaking – I don’t remember for sure, but he was talking about the fact that of course everyone was davening for a NES. Then he went on to say that it was a NISAYON for the parents and that they will make it a BANNER (NES) of Emunah that Moshiach will come soon. (I’m sure I’m not doing the speech justice as I am probably making mistakes regarding the exact content of his speech).

    But what I wanted to mention was that when he spoke about the BANNER, one of the balloons that had been stuck up in the ceiling since graduation, came floating down.(Ayala just graduated high school last month) The first thing that came to my mind was Ayala just sent us her BANNER. I know a lot of people would say it had nothing to do with it, but it just struck me and I feel it was a message from her.

    I’ve attached the link to the YWN news story and comments about her and her family. May they be comforted.



    Don’t want to argue too forcefully, but stop right there.

    Actions by the community are needed in order for Moshiach to come. Action is needed, heavy duty work is needed, and gut-checks are needed. The community doesn’t need someone into random happenings, vehalachtem imi b’keri. If the balloon is a sign of Moshiach was all people came away with from a levayah, that’s a real rachmanus.



    NO NO NO – THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT. Please don’t misunderstand. I even said I wasn’t sure I was telling over his speech correctly about what the banner is referring to. It’s hard to remember everything that’s said when you’re in an emotional state.

    It was just that the balloon came down when he spoke about the banner. I just felt she was there and PERHAPS sending it down at that moment. Believe me, I came away with a lot from that levaya but certainly NOT THAT A BALLOON IS A SIGN OF MOSHIACH.

    Btw – there is no such thing as a random happening.


    Oh Shreck!


    I too understood what she wrote as she explained. Which is correct. Sometimes such “random” things are used by HaShem to drive home a point.



    Oh Shreck! – Thank you so much for your post! I was really worried that I had written something inappropriate- Chas V’Shalom. I’m so glad you understood me.



    I was there too. Very powerfully emotional affair. Although I didn’t see the banner come down.

    The one who mentioned that vort was Rav Binyomin Shulman, a rebbe in Englewood I think, and uncle of Ayala.



    After year after year of tragedies during the three weeks, perhaps it’s Not the time for Jews to be on vacation? I’m not saying Jewish kids don’t need vacation – maybe three weeks during the winter and three during the summer after Tisha B’Av? I think being in Yeshiva would be good enough -I’m not advocating e/o sit on sackcloth with ashes on their head for 3 weeks.



    Please don’t misunderstand. I even said I wasn’t sure I was telling over his speech correctly about what the banner is referring to. It’s hard to remember everything that’s said when you’re in an emotional state.

    Odds are that you Gefen can get a recording of the speeches A.K.A. Eulogies from the family.

    As traumatized as they are, it will mean a lot to them, that a few days later, someone is still interested in hearing the sermons again.



    147- Good idea. Thanks.

    Midwesterner – Thank you for mentioning who the speaker was. Yes – it was indeed a very powerfully emotional affair!



    gefen, I totally got what you were saying. Who are we to say it was NOT a siman from Ayala O”H or even from Hashem, to let her family and friends know she was present? When my father O”H was niftar, we had MANY such simanim throughout the shiva, things that could ONLY be associated with him and no one else. If this gave any comfort to the aveilim, I certainly would not want to burst their bubble by making light of it.

    What a tragedy!


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    147-thanks for that idea. I think I will ask if there is a recording. I didn’t go to the levaya because it hit too close to home. I lost a sister weeks before her high school graduation as she and her friends prepared for seminary. I thought it would be too hard to relive it so i didn’t go, and have not stopped regretting it.



    oomis – Thank you for validating my thoughts. We’ve also experienced things in our immediate family at various times that we took as simanim. In fact other family memebers also have such stories.

    Yes – it can be comforting.

    syag – Don’t be hard on yourself for not going to the levaya. It’s totally understandable. I’m sorry for the losses you’ve experienced in your life.



    There are no accidents or coincidences.



    Thank you gefen, that was a very nice thought. Would you, or anyone else who was at the levaya, be able to share some more they heard about Ayala?



    Ayala should be a meilitz yosher for all of Klal Yisroel and Hashem should give the strength to the family to overcome this nisayon



    Syag, I am so sorry for the tzaar you and your family went through.


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Thank you, me too.



    cuteness: I would have answered you a while ago but for some reason, I couldn’t sign in. I don’t know if it was a problem with my computer or the website.

    Anyway here are a few things I heard about her- She was always doing for others. The word “no” was not in her vocabulary. Ask her for a favor and it’s done – many times you didn’t even have to ask her.

    There is couple who is working at the camp where the Shulmans are, who have a disabled child and needed someone to take care of the child so they could work. They approached Ayala and told her not to feel badly if she has to say no because it’s a hard job. They proceeded to tell her everything that would have to be done to take care of their child. Her answer- “of course I’ll do it”. She started working for them, I believe on Wednesday. The parents were so thrilled with her.The mother of the child approached Mrs. Shulman and told her those were the best 5 hours of their lives.

    But she only got to work for them one day. Then tragedy struck.

    So so sad…..

    If I remember any of the other stories, I will IY”H post them later.

    I can also tell you that the parents and the whole family are amazing people. I remember the Shulman girls (not the boys so much because they were on the men’s side of shul) when they were little. We used to daven in the same shul until we moved to a diff neighborhood.

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