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    The enemy’s bullets and warheads never discerned between black Jews or white Jews, religious Jews or non-religious Jews, right-wing Jews or left-wing Jews. All were maimed and killed equally.

    Our beloved fallen martyrs of Ashkenazic and Sefardic descent fought side by side. Kibbutzniks from the Shomer haTzair served in the same squads with bearded Yeshiva graduates. Ethiopian, Russian, and Israeli-born Jews went up in flames together in the same burning tanks.

    What can be the most befitting memorial for them?

    They died together. In their loving memory, may we live together. Decide that from this moment on, you’ll love every fellow Jew no matter what. Let’s all commit to fulfilling the mitzva of Ahavat Yisrael in honor of our martyred soldiers of sacred memory. Our very future depends on it.

    Shticky Guy

    Mike very nicely written. Anything to strengthen ahavas yisrael is a worthy objective.

    EVERY Jew has a neshama, whether ffb, bt, dati, chiloni, shomer/mechalel shabbos, gadol hador or otd. We are ALL and equally banim lamakom! The fact that some of us are nearer to our father in heaven than others does not make us any more a son than them. We may just be a better son. And what could be more pleasing to any father than for someone to bring his children back onto the path he wants them to tread. But brothers we remain nonetheless. And we should treat each other as such. Which means not to look down on those who live a different lifestyle to us but to try to be mikarev them if we feel this is necessary AND TO SHOW TRUE LOVE TO ALL JEWS IN ALL SITUATIONS. Halivay!


    Shticky Guy…I can’t take credit for it…It was passed on to me in an email and thought is was worth sharing. Especially when it seems that friction among all Yidden seems at an all time high.


    mikehall: Beautifully written! If only everyone would take it to heart!

    shticky guy: Also beautifully written.

    If we would all treat each other with respect, the world would be a much better place.


    What a beautiful message! very nice ty!


    Lets; unite together on this awesome Yom Tov of Yom ha’Atzmaut which we are now already Zoche to, for 64 years.

    Sadly, Naturei Karta have chosen to severe themselves from the Jewish people [B’H they were stopped from burning the Israeli flag this year], but every other one of we authentic Jews have to unite on this wonderful auspicious moment, be we Misnagdim or Chassidim, Sepahrdi or Ashkenazim, Litvaks of Jekkes or Yemenites, and everyone in between.


    147: Was that comment necessary? It does nothing to foster Ahavas Yisroel. Everyone knows what the NK do and think. Why do you have to additionally point it out here just to upset people with them. They have the ability and Mitzvah to do T’shuvah just as much as the completely reform/Chiloni does. Why exclude them from that? (And yes, I do hold that anyone who gives money to a person who has stated that he wants to “wipe Israel off the map” has the Din of a Rodeph.)

    ED IT OR

    147 – Since when is yom haatzmutz considered a yom tov?

    not one rabbi

    Not one Sefer

    Not one YID

    would agree with your NEW “YOM TOV”

    <END RANT>

    To the op very nicely written thanks for sharing it with us


    I’m not aware that we ever had such a problem, and resent the implication.


    Hi Mikehall.



    Even on a thread like this, there has to be some hositlity? Come on ppl. We may not agree with each other on everything but let’s show some Ahavas Yisroel. Example: 1)There is a nicer way IMHO to say you don’t feel it’s a Yom Tov. 2)Ok – maybe neturei karta should not have been mentioned in such a way but the response to that could also have been a little nicer.

    I’m just sayin………


    My response to you Sam2 is, think back to the days of Pharoh when he got to the stage of “vaYachbed haShem es Libo” after about the 5th plague, and it was no longer in his power to recant. Effectively part of the punishment was , that haShem had removed Bechiras Hofshi from Pharoh.

    Sadly, Naturei Karta have descended to this level, where they have basically been robbed of coming back to their senses & repenting.


    147: That is never for us as human beings to judge.

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