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    From the ArtScroll series Chofetz Chaim – A lesson a day page: day 30 (page 108) entitled:

    Without Names

    “All forms of loshon hora are prohibited even when no names are mentioned, if it will be possible for people to determine who is being discussed” The associated footnote gives the source in the sefer – Chofetz Chaim. The lesson a day continues ” If names are omitted but the story will reflect badly on an entire group of people, it may not be spoken.”

    The remainder of the daily passage gives an example, however, perhaps the example could have been about bungalow ladies or men who are in the city during the week. It could also apply to YWN in that 1) not all of us are posters are anonymous (even with coded screen names) and 2) comments are being made about the editors as hosts of the site.

    The punch line is the last sentence where it clearly says that the statement is a more serious form of loshon hora because it reflects on a multitude of Jews.

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