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    So tell me how much do people give them, I bet most will give less than $5. I am sure some will give more.

    Tip is 15% .


    It does seem kind of incongruous for a yeshiva bochur to be driven around by a chauffeur in a limousine while making house calls. To complete the incongruity perhaps they should be wearing a tuxedo and smoking a cigar.

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    There are people giving hundreds of dollars. They have lists of known philanthropists, and every year, the list is refined based on past years’ donations.


    Based on what I have seen? More than $5. Certainly not the average. My experience is that you are off at least 500%.


    Safety? Give me a break. No one is advocating getting a car that is unsafe. All I’m saying is that I find it a waste to spend extra (no matter how little) on something completely unnecessary.


    Zdad: are you really clueless or just playing dumb? The reason they need a car as was stated earlier is so they can jump from one end of town to another – there are obviously many $5 (donation) homes in between – but they are targeting, for the most part MILLIONAIRES, or those with a special affinity to their cause.

    I’d venture a guess that for this Flatbush demographic, with a lively “purim shpiel”, the average donation is at least in the $100 range. It is Purim after all, and the donors are prepared and “loose” with their money. And they are giving to a a group, not a single individual, so per person it’s not outrageous at all. Wake up!



    Would you slow down. The financial situation is not what it used to be. Many homes no longer open on Purim and even those that do have shorter hours and give a lot less than they used to. I know some groups who collected last year by night and day and dint hit the $2000 mark. Maybe some of the older group of BM boys over 20 are still able to haul in a few thousand but the kids in the limos for the most part don’t make that much.


    Wiy: I hear you, but the economy has definitely gotten better, at least in NYC, and I still think I’m closer to the mark than Zdad is. If anybody has personal experiences, please post.


    I am sure more than one Yeshiva is doing this, imagine if 10 yeshivas are doing this and every one of them goes down Bedford Ave (You might as well go where the money is).

    I dont belive that every single one of them gets $100, If there are 10 fancy limos, thats $1000 which is alot of money even for someone on bedford Ave.

    If it takes more than a few mins to get the money, it slows down the process and less homes can be visited. I guessed 3 hours for this, but if it longer, its longer and the Fancy Limo will cost more.

    In best case here, with 5 hours of collecting . At the CHEAPEST rate quoted here, $100 an hour (including tip) and the most optimistic gain of $2000

    that costed you $500 for a $2000 gross with a net gain of $1500 and a 25% cost to make the money.

    And thats assuming you got the cheapest Limo with the most generous donors


    ZD: Mode may be twenty (no stats), with the mean up to $100. I know people who hand out $500 checks to those yeshivos who regularly come to their homes on Purim.


    “I know people who hand out $500 checks to those yeshivos who regularly come to their homes on Purim.”

    How many are motivated by the limo and yosemite sam costumes?

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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