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    Be Happy

    The old lady I go to visit has begged me to find the words of the song “Di Bletele” composed by Yom Tov Ehrlich z”L.Any ideas how I can get hold of the words?


    Avraham Fried’s Yiddishe Oitzres.


    It is on the tape Yiddish gems and they sell an accompanying lyrics book


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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    From Be’er Mayim Chaim (a Google group:

    well known teaching of the Baal
    Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement, and about how Divine
    Providence extends over every
    created entity.

    This translation was prepared by a resident of Tsfat for the album,
    Avraham Fried Sings
    Yiddish Gems.

    A tree stands, tall and high,
    Branches reaching for the sky;
    A little leaf, without a sound
    A tzaddik who is passing by
    Stops and asks the little leaf, Why?
    What made you drop from your abode
    And lie here in the road?

    I am not the authority
    The twig I was on gave a sudden shake
    It was more than I could take.
    Twig, twig, O authority,
    Perhaps you can explain to me
    Why you gave a sudden shake,
    More than the leaf could take?

    I am not the authority;
    The wind gave a sudden whoosh
    And blew the little leaf loose.
    Wind, wind, O authority,
    Perhaps you can explain to me,
    Why you gave a sudden whoosh
    And blew the little leaf loose?

    I am not the authority;
    My angel told me what to do,
    So with all my might I blew.
    Angel, angel, O authority,
    Perhaps you an explain to me,
    Why you told the wind what to do,
    And mightily it blew?

    I am not the authority;
    The Creator of me and you
    Told me what to do.
    Creator, Creator, O Authority,
    Perhaps you can explain to me,
    Why the little leaf is shaken free
    And falls down from its tree?
    The Creator reveals His inner plan
    And makes it known to man;
    Take the little leaf in your hand,
    And you will understand.
    See the worm lying there,
    He was suffering and in despair,
    He was up there on the tree
    Breathing heavily,
    The rays of the sun were so intense
    His discomfort was immense.

    The sun is roasting me!
    So I commanded the angel right away
    To send the wind along its way
    And the twig began to sway
    And the little leaf was torn away,
    And so the sequence was complete,
    Shielding the worm from burning heat,
    And for the tiny worm,
    Sleep was never so sweet

    Brooklyn Yenta

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