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    …..well not really. Though I’m not fully leaving the CR (at least not yet) it’s time to say goodbye to my (too) frequent posting that happens here between 9-5. I have finally found something a bit more productive in which to spend those hours. While I will still pop in here once in a while, or maybe even more often than that, I just wanted to thank you all for all the inspiration, humor, knowledge, support and what-not you supplied me with while I was stuck in front of this computer for 8 hours straight. It was much appreciated. I’ll miss seeing you all on a daily basis!

    A special shout out to the mods for EVERYTHING, and especially for putting up with a someone like me. I give you a bracha that I should be the last poster of this kind.

    Adios for now!


    thumbs up! Gluck with ur new occupation


    ..Sort of Welcome Back!


    Welcome back! And ummmmm…..sort of goodbye! We’ll really miss you around here! But you’ll vidit, right????

    Btw, whats with TAOM????! Ive been waiting for her update still…or did I like miss it?


    @Saysme – thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    LF – true true. I would have let you all known sooner but I was kinda up against a brick wall, if you know what I mean…


    Be well streekgeek and come back soon!


    streekgeek- you have been awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ hatzlacha in ur next stage in life!!! ill miss you!!



    Unfortunately I do..


    I’ll assume, that the great excitement, fulfillment of the past will keep you going & coming in the future.


    Not to worry, I’m still here! I’m slowly easing off on posting so in a few weeks they should be almost extinct. They’re now an endangered species on the verge of becoming obsolete…


    Are you an addict? if yes, there’s really no worry, you probably will stay


    Just try not to forget all of us little folk back here in the CR as you make your way into the big wide world….

    Good luck!



    We know you’re just going to create a new user name and post under that one. ;-p


    Shopping – Thanks! And don’t worry, as you can tell I’m visiting as much as I can…. Regarding TAOM – no idea. Could be you missed it, but that means I’ve missed it too then. One thing I know – I miss her.

    The Goq – Thanks! And I’m back already ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ourtorah – Trust me I’ll miss you more during the times I’m not here!!! Thanks for everything.

    Little Froggie – You really know what I mean? Who are you really? Your hidden identity bugs me….

    peacefull – No, not an addict. Though I do like this place an awful lot. But no withdrawal symptoms so far…

    Sanity – Nah, I won’t forget anyone here, especially you ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you find your way your way into the big wide world soon….

    WIY – No way! That is so not ethical. Though now that you’ve mentioned it, I have posted under a different username but because of extenuating circumstances I kind of linked the two of them so now the other one is inactive. Though if I did post under a different name I wonder if anyone would realize it’s me. Hmmmmm….


    Really….hope she is OK. I miss her too….


    some shopping!!! From the last time she posted, she sounded like things were going a bit we should look at that! keep davening for her ๐Ÿ™‚

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