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    I just wanted to sound off an idea I had to all those frum musical girls out there.

    My father is in the music business and therefore we have a recording studio in our basement. I frequently use it for myself since I love singing and regularly record others for school, camp etc charging about $40 an hour. I am in twelfth grade now and I would love to make some side money and do something different. Heres my idea:

    There are so many girls who love singing and of course recording, but its so hard to find an affordable professional option.. When the girls come to me to record for their school or whatever they love it but are often rattled because they cant think of harmonies or its not sounding exactly as they want it to and they dont know why. So I help them. I give them harmony ideas and tips on how to sing certain parts better since BH i am quite musical and have also learnt quite a lot being in a musical family. I would like to create a program where a teenager can come, either alone or with a group of friends, and record for fun. But not just record with a silent engineer, but rather someone who can help them. My idea is to have them come first for an hour, either the same day or a few days before, to practice for an hour or so. I will charge about $30 for that and then a few days later or whatever it is they can come back and record what we practiced, for about $50 an hour. I will then mix the song and balance it etc and they will get the finished song within a week.

    Does this sound like something teens would be interested? If you have any suggestions or advice Id love to hear it.


    This sounds like a great idea! I recently wanted to have my whole family record a song for parents but like you said it’s hard to find something affordable. Where is this studio located? monsey, brooklyn?



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