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    I was interested in anyone knows a mekor not to sit on table, since it is compared to the mizbay’ach? Surely the koihanim walked on the mizbayach in the beit midkash?

    Also is there a source not to walk over a person?


    regarding your first question,see Berachos 55a,Sefer Chassidim 920,and Kaf Hachaim 167:41 which say that a table is like a mizbeach and one should careful not to kill a louse on it this includes a table which one learns on as well.

    Second question,the Be’er Moshe talks about it ,this q has been answered more than once on this site,do a search.


    The OP realises that a table is compared to a mizbayach, but nonetheless points out that koihanim were even allowed to walk on the mizbayach.

    I beleive that unbtil today many chassidim walk on the table at the rebbe’s tisch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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