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    How would you define the “sparkle” or “twinkle” in someones eye?


    To me, it means that they are full of life, and live each day to the fullest


    I’m not sure if it’s an actual “sparkle” or “twinkle.” It may be from light reflecting in a person’s eye.

    A person with twinkling eyes is smiling and happy. When this person talks to you, you feel like they like you. This person talks in an animated way.

    It’s possible that when a person smiles or speaks in an animated fashion, their eyes change shape. This can cause light to be reflected in a certain way, causing the “sparkle” or “twinkle.”

    i am here

    a certain “brightness” to a person that you see in there eyes. It one of those things when you see it you just know what it is.


    Yea!! How do you??


    I’m quite sure it’s connected to the purity of the person’s neshama.The eyes are the window of the soul.(source?)


    Do my virtual eyes sparkle?


    my daughter has it and one of my sons – but when it’s in his eyes, it usually meams he’s about to get into trouble.

    i hope their twinkle always stays.


    I used to look in a mirror to try to see the sparkle in my eye, – but didn’t see out what people were talking about. Also, apparently my eyes “flash” when I’m upset (my siblings love to see it) but I’ve never been able to figure out what they’re describing.

    eclipse, about the pure neshama thing- I think that people who feel things intensely tend to have it more, and who have vivid imaginations. When someone is truly happy, their eyes shine much more. It’s a personality thing.


    eclipse, as for the source – there’s no source that I know of, but the Kli Yakar on Rivka says that Eliezer saw she had good eyes, of chesed. Some say it comes from there but he never uses the phrase eyes are the windows to the soul.


    whoa eclipse thats scary


    As far as the eyes being the window to the soul, the Halacha is that on Shabbos we consider anything in the eyes to be a Sakana because, as the Gemara says, the eyes are rooted in the heart. Also, the Pasuk says, Ha’adam Yira’a La’einayim Viha’elokim Yir’a Laleivav. So I guess that’s as good a view we get.

    On a plain level, you can see someone’s alertness in their eyes. Kindness is also visible in the eyes. The Gemara says that a cow has different eyes once it carried a yoke. I guess that’s where “Jewish eyes” come from.


    I wasn’t sure if the source was Jewish or not.

    But most villians are described as squinty-eyed,not sparkly-eyed!


    What about ppl who seem to have “dead” or “empty” eyes?

    Where r we picking this up from? How is it visible??

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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