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    i never did. ๐Ÿ™


    Yup, 3rd thread on this topic!!

    I won some mitzvohs….


    Yes. I won a megillah will a large silver case that I never use and a sheitel for my wife.

    The Wolf


    i won s/t once at a local chinese auction….didnt expect to at all cuz it never happened before, but it was the perfect prize for me ๐Ÿ™‚


    I once won a phone in a chinese auction.

    Wolf, was that Oorah’s auction?


    my family and i have won numerous prizes. and sometimes not, but its fun anyway and the money goes to tzedakah

    always here

    the first thread that I joined the CR for!

    I haven’t won anything – nada – since!!

    “B’H– 2 yrs ago I won, @ different Chinese auctions: 2 trips to Colorado, a diamond ring, diamond earrings, a 2 yr car lease on a mini van, $500 Artscroll gift certificate, $500 B&H gift certificate, a sheitel, seforim bookcase. 21 volume English Mishna Breurah,a GPS, $250 Step 2 Toys gift certificate,a gift certificate for a free bridal gown rental (& B’H, my daughter got married within the year!!!!– it was a ‘jackpot’ prize… she wasn’t shidduch dating before that), etc. In the past I had won: another seforim bookcase, another sheitel, a leather couch, The ‘Tur’ & many other seforim, silver candlesticks, a child’s bedroom set, woman’s shopping spree, a ‘den’ decorating pkg., a dinette set, a simcha singer’s services (used for my son’s wedding),etc. // for the past year and a half, I haven’t won anything! no complaints… I always say: it’s decided on Rosh Hashana & sealed on Hoshana Rabbah…”


    am yisrael chai

    Always Here,

    Can you put in some tickets for me next time you go?!


    Yea…..my family once won lk a mini piano and drums lol we got it and the piano was broken!!! lol my family dosent have good luck in winning any prizes in auctions!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    always here

    am yisrael chai~ as I said: it’s been 2+ yrs since I won anything…

    if it’s beshert for you to win, you will.. regardless, you win the mitzvah.

    maybe you’d put a ticket in for me for a kosher cruise?! ๐Ÿ™‚


    ooh i went on one of those it was soo much fun!…. my mother won a few things-white gold bracelets, a dining room table, and more jewelry… me- i won something twice. once at my sister’s bas mitzvah when i was about 6 and the woman who was in charge of leading the party said it wasn’t fair cause i was her sister. I started crying and finally they gave this big huge crayola package ๐Ÿ™‚

    i also won a little pair of earrings at a small Chinese auction but they forgot to give it to me. -oh well i’d rather the mitzvah anyway


    hey Hey Hey Stuffed u won something by an auction!!!!!


    it must be some ppl have this aura that makes them win. either u got it or u dont. i dont:( (kindalike getting bitten by moscitos. I do;))


    i won a necklace im my schools chinese auction one year but its kinda annoying when people ask where i got it from…..”no i did not pay for this….”


    i won an hp touchsmart computer!!!!! thats wat i’m using at the present moment…i also won a gameboy and 2 tickets to anywhere in the u.s!!!! this past year 3 of my brothers each won $1000 one after another…;)


    we won a trip to LA which we used as a trip to Orlando instead


    little ally saucer….um…i think im calling u the next time i put in 4 an auction!!!!!!!!!!


    Anyone else agree that certain people always win while others don’t? Always same Pple who win, and same that don’t.

    I haven’t won yet ever, and I really keep my hopes low… If I win I’ll be shocked!


    gumball- u dont have to…

    i have a method tht worked all three times i won things…

    when i won the gameboy i was in 3rd grade-that year i put the rest of my tickes in for parents and siblings the only one i put for myself was in the gameboy…the entire auction i was CONVINCED tht i was gonna win it cuz i figured that i wqas being so nice to my family so it had to be that hashem was gonna make me win…

    i was convinced and it happened!!!

    the 2 tickets to anywhere i was in 8th grade and then again i rlly rlly rlly wanted to go visit my friends in fl tht yr nd i wanted to go with one of my friends…i called her up during the auction and told her to daven tht i win it…this kid is a rlly rlly amazing kid so whn she said she was gonna daven 4 me i was convinced tht hashem would listen to her tefillos…

    i was convinced…and it happened!!

    i won the computer this year…and i don’t know why, but once i put the ticket in i was positive tht it was mine…i was actually by my skewl play then and i told EVERYONE tht they shud be excited cuz i was winning a computer tht night…they all laughed me off…but,

    i was convinced and it happened!!!!!!!


    lil sally-k so you are cool and special. happy now?


    gumball-yup yup i am!!!!!! but tht wasnt the point of tht post but wtvr!!

    btw am i supposed to say tht u are too now?!?!?!?!?lol


    sorry smart cookie I don’t agree


    I once won a stereo and a complete collection of kids’ tapes, but that was because I had really, really wanted to attend the auction and had already sent in my selections but at the last minute couldn’t go and for once, I didn’t complain. It was a reward for good behavior.

    Once I went to an auction and bought a lot of tickets. The tickets were the two-part perforated ones, and the top part said “Keep This Part”–so I did. After putting the other halves into the boxes and leaving, I thought, “Gee, didn’t I buy more tickets than that?” It didn’t sink in until two blocks later that one was NOT supposed to keep the other half! Won some life experience, there. ๐Ÿ™‚ (This could go in the “Embarrassing Mistakes” thread, if there is one.)


    “Yes. I won a megillah will a large silver case that I never use”

    Why dont you use the megillah you won? I know that if I won a megillah Id be sure to use it every year.


    I won something once, but then I decided that the whole concept of Chinese Auction is revolting. All it does is stoke our taavah for gashmius. Look at the brochures and booklets sent out – glossy advertisements of the “Imagine if you had….” variety. Giving to tzedakah is one thing, buying tickets to fulfill a materialistic fantasy is something else – it’s very similar to the secular advertising industry and feeds the same type of character problem. In fact, it’s a real indication of how assimilated we have gotten in an “under the radar” way.

    Yes, of course, some of the prizes are always trips to EY. But what about most of the prizes in those fancy catalogues?

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