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    When you daven in the morning it’s the best to talk to Hashem in your own words… you feel sooo good after that! does anyone else do it… s/t i see that he helped me on the spot… i guess i just really depend on him… so he helps try it you will see…


    Apushetayid: yes!!!b every morning in shema koleinu I do!!! I feel so satisfied after!! I LOVE HASHEM!!!!!!!


    syriansephardi: i think most Jews love Hashem.$

    ApushetaYid: everyday, in ????? ????, i do it feels great.$


    Qwertyuiop: did I argue with that?!


    Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’L said a person should always verbalize I Love Hashem.


    syriansephardi: no, i don’t even know why i right that.$


    APushetaYid: in shemona esrei every day!!! it’s such an awesome feeling to speak your heart out to hashem daily!!!


    A Pashuta Yid–thank you for starting this thread!!!

    Before tefilla was formalized that is what we yidden did.

    It’s part of our spiritual DNA and I think that’s why it feels so good.

    I once heard in a shiur for women, that if a woman could get in the habit of talking to Hashem about everything, even before she cooks, or goes to take carpool, or goes out to work, or is about to go shopping, it will infuse her day with meaning. She should talk to Hashem and ask for siyata dishmaya in every part of her day.

    This could obviously apply to all elements of a man’s day as well. Talking to Hashem constantly- can be lifechanging, and makes a person feel that Hashem is a reality in their lives.


    kiruvwife: I agree it is the best feeling to have connection to hashem! to know that hashem can do anything… and he can help me too! every morning when i wake up before i open my eyes… i thank hashem.. and ask him for hatzlacha in the coming day! and before i leave my house when kissing the mezuzah i say a special pussik asking him he should help me through out the day!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Bump 😉


    The late gaon Louis Finkelstein, zt”l, used to say “When I pray, I speak to G-d, but when I learn, G-d speaks to me.”

    I think the concept of hitbodedut is very important. Unless a person can speak to G-d like a parent or a friend, they don’t have an intimate relationship with G-d.


    Talking to Hashem using your own words and experiences is really important. Even the text of the siddur itself should be a jumping off point for connecting to Hashem and relating the tefillah to your own life.

    RD: Why are you calling a conservative rabbi a “gaon?”


    If you look at his life and work, he taught at JTS, but didn’t adhere to that movement’s ideology (think Lieberman and Dimitrovsky, both of whom none other than R’ MM Schneersohn held of). Times changed for the worst.


    Hashem and I are BFFs:)


    Sefer Chareidim says that one of the keys of life is to constantly talk to hashem


    I talk to Hashem all day long! Hashem, please help me find the spatula. Hashem, thank you for sending the carpool on time. And even, Hashem, please help me have kavana in davening 🙂


    This is proven to lower stress in your life, guaranteed, tried and true.

    Study conducted by: ME

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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