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    someone told me that either taanis esther or purim day is an incredble day and Hashem answers alll our teffilos w open arms.. does anyone know if its taanis esther or purim?


    purim. yom kippur aka yom hakipurrim= like purim in its power of tefillah


    Says me- your Wong just gotoff thephone with a Rav Tom and Purim is the day!!!! Eventhough Tom is not really tanis being that we fast it’s the special dayof teffilah also thought shbs wld b bec that’s the real day for tanis but no Thursday is the day for yom tefillah and Purim is!!!!! Daven well


    The Tur explains this idea of special teffilah on taanis Esther.

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    It is a segula that one should say the whole say sefer of Tehillim AFTER Chatzot, on the night of Purim, with one bakasha. May H’KBH answer all our tefillot le tova immediately and affirmatively!!

    Purim Sameach to all!

    write or wrong

    In addition to the segula of praying to Hashem after Chatzot, the night of Purim, there is also a segulah to get up early on the morning of Taanis Esther and say perek 22 of Tehillim 7 times before Alot Hashachar. After each time you say the perek, you make a bakasha, then say the tehillim again, bakasha again until you’ve said it 7 times. You do this after lighting a yartzeit candle l’kavod Mordechai HaTsaddik and one for Esther HaMalka. It is a sha-at ratzon, and can cancel all harsh decrees. Also, make a promise to Hashem that if He gives you a yeshuah, you will publicize it…similar to Esther.



    mayb ill try this bli neder.. its the night before purim day or night before shushan purim? thanx a ton


    oh no i wud have loved to do this but i missed the boat.. cud i do it after alos hashachar? like any time on taanis esther?


    both days are very auspicious days for prayer.


    We fast taanis esther to remind us that when we are in an es tzara, tzom and tefilla are the way to go (see the mishna berura in hilchos megilla – din taanis esther – I forget the siman and sif). So, if it is still taanis esther in your part of the world, daven well today and again tomorrow on purim.

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    The Purple One:

    I just saw your post 3 years later!!

    You daven the whole Sefer Tehillim on the night of Purim, after the fast and after Chazot.

    May H’KBH answer all out heartfelt tefillot le Tova always!

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