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    Is the speech language therapy field flooded? or is it still something to think of going into?


    its definately flooded and a new trend because of the frum programs offering it and the flexible schedule.. Lakewood is impossible to find jobs with out traveling far.. brooklyn is better but mght have to go public school, harder school– its hard to get into the regular mainstream schools as they are full already.


    All the therapies are flooded, hence the need for newer and more numerous diagnoses!!


    Interesting that the subject of this thread is speech therapy. The first two messages I read require some spelling and grammar therapy.


    I would come to E”Y there is a shortage of speach and language therapists in the frum community.


    There’s still plenty of research to be done in speech therapy! Start your own clinic/center and do your own research! Dr. Martin Shwartz just came out with some new findings for stutterers and is testing them on a small scale. If his tests are successful you better believe he’ll be hiring!

    Did you know that 80% of children 2-3 years old will drop their stutter or be noticeably improved if given B1? The world needs therapists who know this sort of research. That statistic has been around since the 50s, but I never heard it until just a few weeks ago. I was in speech therapy my whole life and have continued to stay on top of the research and am astounded at the antiquated methods still in use today.

    The market may be flooded, but there are absolutely ways to stand out among your peers.



    How do I teach my 5 year old to pronounce the letter R correctly?


    It is flooded because everyone wants the SAME jobs. Everyone wants to be in the same yeshivas in the same areas. Everyone wants the same kids on the same schedule. Think outside the box. If this is what you really want to do then think of a way to follow your dream. If this is an easy way for you to make a living then you are going to have to jump in and fight like everyone else.


    The area of Speech Therapy is not flooded. Although many young “smart” youngsters are going into the field, one is not limited. With speech you can work with population of infant to geriatrics.

    The are of Special Ed is flooded as one does not have to be too smart to get a degree in that field today. There are mentor programs in which some course requirements can be done by an average 3rd grader. Also, some of the funding,especially in the area of EI, Early Intervention has already been cut. In the area of SEIT the cases are coming in slower than in the past. When i went into the field 25+ years ago the requirements and demands were higher than today. We had to prove ourselves to move on. With this area you are limited from birth to 21 years of age population.

    Anyway, you asked about speech, go for it! If you have feelings for O/T or P/T, then perhaps reconsider.In these areas too the population is not limited!

    Hatzlocha Rabba!

    Pashuteh Yid

    Sean, are you talking Vitamin B1?

    E”Y Resident

    Speech Therapy is flooded in Lakewood. However, there definitely are jobs in NY and for sure in out of town communities. I know that if you go to Eretz Yisrael, you can study for Speech through TTI. They have a good program there.


    @HaLeiVi – I’m not a speech therapist, I stutter so I know plenty about that area of speech therapy.

    @PYid – Yes, Vitamin B1. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post links, but if you google “national center for stuttering preliminary research”, that top link is findings from Dr. Shwartz on B1 in adults based on a published study in kids from the 1950s.



    How do I contact TTI? Is it acreditted?


    Why speech therapy? Do you really want it or are you just going with what everyone has told you is “suitable” for a frum girl? Same for all the other “remedial” careers. There are lots of other kinds of jobs out there. Health care technicians, for example, are in demand. Same for certain types of IT.

    If you were my daughter I would advise you to go to a professional career counselor and be tested for your aptitudes/abilities and general preferences. The counselor can then advise you on which jobs you would be successful and which jobs will be in demand. Above all, don’t go to a frum counselor – he/she will just stick you right back in the box. You can explain what your halachic requirements are, and check with your rabbinic advisor as to what is suitable.

    Above all, THINK FOR YOURSELF. Don’t let Yenem (“everybody else”)tell you what to do. Check with your Rabbi -and only your Rabbi) if there’s a question, and don’t listen to everybody who comes along.


    Midwest-Whats the problem with speech therapy? besides for the schooling, it is a kosher career and for people like me who don’t like touching other people, it is a good choice. If someone knows what they want in a job, they can be their own career counselor.

    okay then

    i used to think speech was just flooded because everyone wants to be doing the same thing as everyone else. when i was looking into a career for myself though, i almost landed up as one, because it has all the benefits i’d want in a job: good pay, can have flexible hours, can work in a frum school and get vacations along with ur kids (like summer, yomim tovim…), no sticky office situations, and its a people job (if u like people)…

    so basically there are lots of plusses!! and dont worry about it being flooded. if you are the best at what u do, it wont be flooded for u!!!


    minyan gal

    HaLeiVi: Take your 5 year old son to a speech therapist. My daughter had the same problem. I took her to a therapist just once. She gave her some exercises to do and showed her where her tongue had to be when pronouncing “R”. My daughter practiced the exercises for a couple of days and the problem was solved – and this was 40 years ago. She was also about 4 or 5 when I took her as they need to be old enough to understand how to do the exercises.


    There are many openings for speech therapists in the geriatric homecare field. The pay is comparable to CPSE, and you have the same flexibility when setting up a schedule. Your primary population is elderly people recovering from strokes, but there are other types of cases as well. However, unlike many of the speech therapist who work in yeshivas today and spend only half of the apporoximately 30 minute session working with the child, you will actually have to work pretty hard with this population. Good luck in whatever field you decide to pursue.

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