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    What do spiders mean in a dream? It’s a question i get asked a lot. Or cleaning / removing them?

    Please quote any books and sources. Looking only for proper Jewish info.

    Burnt Steak

    Are you talking about dreams where you are a spider? I had one of those. I was a spider and I was playing football. But it wasn’t in the NFL or anything. I was playing arena football on a fenced in roof, kinda like in the game NFL Street. I was climbing up walls and making great catches.

    The next day I played football in my yeshiva and I caught the winning touchdown. So I think Spider dreams are connected to you playing well in football the next day.




    I’m surprised more people haven’t posted in this thread. Boggles my mind…


    This time it was me laughing out loud.


    Oy, I hope you didn’t get tuna fish all over your keyboard like I did.


    Its a reminder from Hashem to check for Bugs


    you have potential a as spider

    I. M. Shluffin

    I’m curious about all these people who are asking you about spider dreams. What’s with that?


    Your past life was a spider


    Maybe it’s related to the number 8. Or the husband that the wife ate.


    I’m am not accepting any interpretations, but I am looking for some serious answers, please.

    Berachos 57 does not mention spiders in dreams, and I am curious to know their meaning.

    I will also add, based on certain sifrei kodesh, I know enough to know where dreams come from, who gives them, and the way to respond. What I don’t know is what spiders actually mean in dreams.



    I have already worked out enough of my past life. It is not hard if one has the right knowledge and perception. It is not a spider, no.


    Perek Shira would disagree with that. Spiders do mean something; but I am looking for within dreams, not at home. Bugs at home mean something else.


    How does one “work out” their past life?

    I wonder what I was


    Spiders eat Bugs


    Omg how do u taka work out ur past life???? I think I was someone in the holacaust


    Not work out your past life, just see what areas you damaged and need to make amends on now, this life. I lack the time to entail details.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    If someone dreams about spiders, it has a lot of significance. It probably means that he is scared of spiders. Alternatively, he may have seen a spider that day, although it’s still unlikely that he would have dreamed about it unless he was scared.

    I don’t know why someone would dream that he is a spider. Maybe you were watching Spiderman? Or maybe it’s your way of dealing with your fear of spiders?


    I have to make a mention here that I have had a dream multiple times in the past of a long gross huge I section with many thick legs and it also had mouth pitchers and i was running away from it…….in my case it might be because I had a centipede plague in my bathroom bh we got am exterminator but it won’t last forever…unfortunately


    A spider in a dream is Hashem telling you to buy that expensive silk tallis before Rosh Hashanah. Alternatively, it is you telling yourself to buy that expensive silk tallis, even though you told your wife you could not afford that expensive silk dress she wants.


    Spiders eat bugs. Maybe dreaming about spiders is a defense against dreaming about mosquitoes.


    I know enough to know where dreams come from,

    who gives them, and the way to respond.

    I’m curious. (Maybe you can also tell me what a “suh’lon mam’ir” is?)


    I can’t translate Hebrew so you will need to tell me what that is.


    The Ramban says that a child resulting from certain improper circumstances does not have a neshama, only a suh’lon mam’ir.

    What about dreams, though?

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