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    written by – the Rabbi Aryeh kaplan Z”L of our times – Rabbi Avraham Sutton…

    This book is so life changing that its so hard to put it in words. We all (should) know that we are all on this earth to rectify the sin of Adam and Eve. But what exactly was the sin that was committed? What was he and earth like before the sin? What cause and effect did the sin have on earth and us? Who are we? What are we? What’s a soul? What was and is Gan Eden? How do we rectify the sin? What’s the essence of evil? What is black magic? Where does it originate? What is technology? Where is it taking us? What’s Torah technology and where WILL it take us? Where are we holding in history (His-Story?) on the cosmological clock? What is Mashiach and what are the irrefutable proofs that “his foot is in the door”? What will happen to us and earth before, when, after, way after, and way way after he comes?… What is “The Great Shabbat”… And so much more is explained so beautifully, and retardedly simple, in this “Treasure Box.” The author brings proofs for EVERYTHING said from our Gedolim of old. It’s as if he took many threads of fine wool and wove them into an indescribably beautiful garment! Every page you finish you will find your lips moving in a shocking wow motion. You will not want to put it down… When completed, you will have a new and true outlook on earth, life, and especially yourself. A MUST READ (P.S. The image on the front cover is a portrait of “Adam in the Garden of Eden holding and looking at the forbidden fruit” based on Torah/Kabbalah sources…)

    taken from amazon reviews… read it twice… seriously life changing!


    Will check it out iyh. Ty.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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