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    There’s this rock at the corner of Spook Rock Road and Airmont Road in Rockland County (not quite Monsey, but that part of the planet). It has the words ‘Spook Rock’ carved into it, and there’s some plaque just below it, but it’s so high up that I can’t get a good look at the inscription. It might have something to do with the early European settlers, or (more likely) it might have something to do with the Native Americans who used to live here.

    The thing that truly creeps me out is that in the autumn someone (no idea who) puts … a pumpkin onto one of the adjacent rocks. I don’t know it it’s meant to simply be decorative and festive and autumnal. Or if it’s an A”Z offering of some sort.

    Someone must know something.


    Pumpkin is an autumn gourd, It is usually associted with Halloween as they are harvested in October and you can carve them interestingly. You rarely see Pumpkins any other time of the year

    roger green

    who cares??why would an avodah zoroh offering placed on a rock on a road “creep you out”??


    The pumpkin is, IIRC, put up by someone in the neighboring house for Halloween.

    I had a school bus driver once who was very into ghostlore (she was a bit weird) and she told us that apparently there had been a dispute between the Indians and the Dutch settlers and someone had been murdered and the ghost haunts the road at that spot.

    She was a bit of a nut, as I said. That could be a known story or not, no idea. But I’ve never heard anything about avodah zarah.


    That’s good to know. Does anybody know what the plaque says?


    Hi- Just went out this morning and took a couple picture of the rock and the plaque. This is what’s written on it- “To insure the preservation of Spook Rock as a public monument this plot of ground was donated to the Rockland County Society by David Carlough July 23rd 1931”.

    If you want a close up picture of it and can somehow post your email here, I will be glad to send them to you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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