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    There is no evidence of any kind that raw milk has any nutritional advantages over pasteurized milk, and there is a huge amount of evidence that shows that raw milk is easily infected with potentially deadly bacteria. I frankly don’t believe that the “people in the alternative health field” are as ignorant as you claim.


    I have no cousins. My only aunt died young of tuberculosis in the days before antibiotics. In those days most people got tuberculosis from drinking unpasteurized milk from an infected cow.

    One of the things which helped fight tuberculosis was government regulation – mandatory testing of cows for tuberculosis so people wouldn’t die from drinking infected milk. If they had had that “big government interference” back then I might have had cousins.

    Then we got antibiotics. But now the tuberculosis germs have developed drug resistance, so some people die of incurable tuberculosis.

    So, do you want the freedom to see your kids die of tuberculosis, or would you rather have the big bad old government infringing on the rights of people to innocently kill their own children?


    bombmaniac: you wrote”the FDA is not in the business of promoting small enterprises. they are in the business of keeping consumers safe when it comes to food and drug purchases.”

    So I showed you ONE recent (a few days old!!) mea culpa – that the FDA themselves admit they ARE influenced by money. Maybe not SMALL business – but BIG ones. With BIG pockets and BIG lobbyists.


    That our individual rights – to our physical and bodily health are taken away by an agency that is supposedly there ONLY to protect us – but ARE influenced by outside factors. AND THAT’S why we should NOT give up those individual rights so easily – by believing their intentions as absolutely pure and trustworthy and saying AMEN to everything they propose.

    I’m not blowing things out of proportions – THAT IS THE MAIN ISSUE and I am the one that tried to bring that EXACT issue to the fore with this thread.


    Charliehall: Inasmuch as it wasn’t the main topic for discussion (individuals prime rights to their own choices/as it effect their health was) Just as nonchalantly you waved away the dangers of smoking, which is a MUCH MORE COMMON OCCURENCE than drinking raw milk, PLUS it poses CLEAR danger to others… you called drinking/allowing raw milk as SUICIDAL… claiming weak epidimiological evidence that smoking/second hand smoking causes cancer…

    You DO realize that not all the risks of smoking, or second-hand smoking for that matter – are limited to CANCER? Do you realize that it may cause – according to the CDC – premature DEATH, and DISEASE in children? Birth defects in unborn children?

    Interestingly enough – I did not expect this turn of discussion. I thought you were ALL ACROSS THE BOARD an evidence-based (more like regulatory evidence-based) proponent… and okay with trampling on individual rights within that context. But here you veered off track… which is rather interesting. I am curious to know why. (personal thing here.)

    You should also know, that people that think for themselves, (AND consider all evidence-based studies etc. TOO) use their g-d given common sense too.

    SO, beyond the fact that there IS evidence that raw milk has many more advantageous over pasteurized milk, even if it were’nt so – they SEE the advantagous and are just happy to enjoy them. They also KNOW that infected cows should not be milked, and so they don’t. Unlike the regular milk, which they milk as sick as it may be – and just COOK OFF THE BACTERIA and dangerous pathogens you are so afraid of, rightfully so.

    A person has to consider everything medically advanced/available out there, no question. But, when something else CLEARLY works for them, especially if it carries less risk, less side effects, then it is EASY to choose that, evidence-based or not. It’s called common sense. And don’t leave it by the door when a “professional” or “regulatory agency” says something that does not ring right.

    (to take the importance of common-sense approach further)Case in point: If my doctor repeatedly tells me “there is nothing wrong with your child”, not ONE but 8 doctors, some considered “top manhattan doctors”… and my motherly intuition tells me otherwise… I choose to follow that and research and come to the NINTH doctor with my theory, and he says “oh, lets follow that theory”. And from there and on, all the medical professionals are confidently treating her (based on MY common-sense, intuitive-based, research that led the doctor come to that diagnosis).

    It’s happened to me too many times in my life, and that’s where my distrust comes from… I absolutely consider a doctor’s input, but not exclusively so. I absolutely CONSIDER the FDA’s input, but not exclusively so.

    As everyone should.



    My unhealthy heart feels for you…


    Sacrilege, there is no reason to be snide. I certainly haven’t said anything rude to you.



    I sincerely apologize if you were offended.

    My intention was to make a crack at myself for eating healthfully.



    No worries. As you can see from my other posts, I am a big proponent of healthier eating in our community.

    In that regard, I buy nothing from the bakeries other than challah. Most people with this attitude do so because they have questions regarding kashruth. In my case, it’s because the bakeries rarely provide two things I want: 1) lists of ingredients; and 2) nutritional information.

    Stay well.


    whoops I meant un-healthfully


    hmm…a topic actually being settled. is this a first?


    Homeowner – just as a helpful note – most if not all bakery challah is made with margarine.


    Vnishmartemmeod, thanks. Fortunately, I rarely eat challah other than for kiddush. Also, I generally order water challah, not egg challah.

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