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    Devora K

    I am composing this letter in a Rockland County Starbucks which I use as sort of a mobile office.

    Let me preface by saying that this is not a referendum on cholov yisroel or the validity of various hashgachos. I have asked my rav if I may drink the coffee and he told me that the coffee is fine however the various drink concoctions they serve may be problematic depending on the ingredients.

    The cost of a daily cup of coffee buys me a place to sit with an internet connection I do not have to pay for which in these tough economic times allows me to save a couple of dollars as well as keep the internet out of my home.

    Sitting here on and off for the past few months has been an enlightening experience.

    Starbucks it seems is the place where ostensibly frum young women congregate with friends and update their social lives. Their shaitlach are well maintained but that is where any relationship to the frum world ends. Their clothing is designed to make an impression and they sit in the most provocative of ways. Their conversations range from the mundane to the profane.

    While this is a problem that plagues many communities there is one that I hope is specific to this particular location and has not spread beyond this area.

    These women will eat anything served by Starbucks as long as it does not contain meat. Cake, rolls with cream cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches etc are all on their menu.

    While I am older then most of these women I do know that many of them have attended good schools and come from excellent families.

    While I am by no means a perfect person and can do with improvement in many areas the awareness of what I may or may not eat is something that is ingrained in my being.

    This is not a one time occurrence nor is limited to a small group of people.

    I would respectfully submit that I am not the person to approach these people and comment on this behavior.

    I welcome the advice of your readers


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