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    I am a 33 year old mother of 4 I have recently thought about going to school for Social Work.

    Is it crazy to start school at my age?


    I just completed my MBA. I was 38 when I started.

    The short answer is, no — you’re not crazy to start at this age.

    The Wolf


    Not crazy. Just realize it’s a LONG process… First schooling, then hours, then licensing… It’s really important to know what you want to accomplish, b/c having that goal in your mind can keep you chugging along.

    Social Work is a field where age is probably an asset! Many prefer to go to an “older” therapist, who is perceived as more experienced… So you may have to wait a few years 🙂

    I am currently in an MFT program where I live (a very popular version of social work). Out of five people in my supervision group, at 28 I am the youngest. One is in his late 30s and the others are all (well) over 50.


    m in Israel

    I don’t think it’s at all crazy to start school at your age. Your maturity and life experience will probably be a big asset in a field like social work.

    However, I think the bigger question is what stage of life are you at. Some questions to think about: You mention you are a mother of 4 — how old is your youngest child? Will it be logistically possible for you to work out child care, etc., not just for the hours that you are actually at school, but also for the time you will need to put into school work? Will this fit in to your other roles at this point, as a mother, wife, etc.? So you currently work, and if so can you manage to give up your salary at this point until you finish school, or do you know of any programs that you can go to that would allow you to keep your job (and is it feasible to be in school, have a job, and run your home)?

    All of these types of questions can be dealt with, but it’s important to keep in mind that going back to school at a point in your life when you have more responsibilities then the typical student may require some more preparation on your part. Sometimes it is easier to wait until your children are a little older, even if it means that you will be a bit older as well.

    Whatever your decision, Hatzlacha Rabbah!


    Starting my master’s at 43. Go for it and hatzlacha!!


    not crazy at all, i went back to school (a much easier program than social work but still had to sit in class, take tests, do many papers and do fieldwork) when i was a few years older than you are now and I was one of the younger ones in my class. AY”H you will have many years to put to use your degree.


    There is nothing you can’t accomplish if you put your mind to it. The only thing you have to think about is what sacrifice if any will there be. Is it you who will have to sacrifice to follow your dream or are you asking your family to sacrifice as well? If your kids will not be affected by your schedule then go for it. They will be proud of you and you will be the best person you can be for fulfilling your dream. Nobody wins if you are unhappy.



    Its very interesting your saying that because not too long ago I was really inspired by my great great aunt (kh- may she be healthy! Shes in her high 80’s and is GOING BACK 2 SCHOOL!!! FOR REAL!!!

    So, for goin back at 30 is not bad @ all its pretty awesome!!

    As long as you have your prioties set, and you manage to juggle both life and college without affecting the people around you- then KOl Hakavod- Im cheering you on!! Go for it!!

    And GOOD LUCK!!!


    “Is it crazy to start school at my age?”

    In the Yeshiva world, most start even later.

    minyan gal

    mirs1: Go for it – follow your heart and your dream. You will never regret it. I went back to school at 29 and became an RN. I took it slowly (it was a 2 year program) and did it over 3 years. Yes, sometimes the laundry didn’t get done on time. My daughter, who was 8 yrs old when I started learned that she would not die of a dreaded disease if she wore the same socks for 2 days. There was even the odd time that I stopped at KMart on my way home and picked up some underwear or socks for her because of my schedule. Everyone in the family has to pitch in but as long as you don’t fret over dust balls, you will do great. Incidentally, I managed to keep up most of my social obligations and was even the president of my Hadassah chapter while attending school, while maintaining a very high GPA. It is very do-able. Yasher koach.


    “Is it crazy to start school at my age?”

    Absolutely not! I was 37 when I completed my PhD and my wife was 40 when she completed her MD. Older students can make up in maturity any study skills that may have gotten rusty.


    And what about rebbi akiva he started at 40 and your worried about 33?!


    Thank you for all the positive feed back!


    Brave not crazy. Go for it

    tomim tihye

    So long as you are sensitive to the needs of your husband and children, it can be a wonderful thing to do.

    When I did my MS, I prioritized my life: home, work, school.

    I didn’t like giving in reports that didn’t reflect my abilities, but I feared I would have greater regret later if I switched my priorities around.


    it’s never too late.

    go for it!!


    As the saying goes, “you go, girl!”

    be good

    If you’re thinking about going then at least look into all your options- I think it’s a great idea. You will grow from it, and the sense of accomplishment when you are finished is amazing.

    There are MSW programs that have schedules that could work for you- LIU has a frum women’s program and Touro has an all women’s program in their Brooklyn campus with Sunday and evening classes.

    If money and schedule aren’t a problem NYU has a very good program.

    Let me know if you want more info on the different programs etc out there.



    Interestingly enough, CNN has an article on their website today titled “Never Too Late To Be A Doctor” (mods, I’m putting the link below — feel free to remove it if you must, but there’s nothing inappropriate in it) about “nontraditional” (i.e. older) medical students, including an Army major who is now 48 and is a second-year medical student. I found it very interesting.

    The Wolf


    Rebbi Akiva started his schooling at 40 look how well that turned out.

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