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    It has been a while, and i want to start learning, but i understand that i need to learn from scratch. So where do i start? For the threads sake, lets put down that im a full time worker and a full time student, so i dont have time (or strength) to go to a proper shiur. But i still want to start from scratch on my own, suggestions?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Learn mussar.

    Avram in MD

    Artscroll publishes a daily learning program called A Daily Dose of Torah. Each day’s learning is designed to take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Each day, includes thoughts on the weekly parsha (Torah portion read on Shabbos), mishna, gemara, halacha, the siddur (prayer), and a question. This material can be learned independently or with someone else. They currently have 3 sets out, with each set designed to last for a year. This might be a good place to start!

    Avram in MD

    Also, if you are interested in learning Gemara, there is Rabbi Ayson Englander’s “Fundamentals of Talmud” (Yesodei HaTorah) program, which provides the tools to get started with learning Gemara. I think this program is best done with a shiur, but it can also be learned independently.

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    It’s not so much what you learn that’s important, it’s how you learn. Whatever you choose to learn (gemara, mishnayos, listening to a shiur etc.) you have to be held accountable to either yourself or someone else. For example, for yourself, you can set a goal of finishing the sefer you are going to learn by a certain time. Afterward you can celebrate with a siyum and undertake a new thing to learn. If someone else will be making sure that you’re keeping up with your learning (Rav or Chavrusa) that also works. It would also be helpful to learn in a Bais Medrash since that also increases the motivation to learn.


    I’ll tell you – whether you’re a male or female, beginner or advanced, the biggest thing that changed me since this past yomim noraim –

    I started at least weekly loading up my mp3 with shiurim (ideally if you can find anyone 20-30 min are easier to commit than the standard 1 hr shiur but even the latter you can listen to in parts)

    I take it everywhere with me – and, I try to listen – when trying to fall asleep mostly, when cleaning the floor, when travelling

    it has literally changed my life and who I am

    mainly mussar talks to me but you can try any that talk to you, and if you’re not sure, take a little of e/t – parsha, mussar, halacha, gemara, whatever…

    anyone who understands yeshivish lingo mixed into english I HIGHLY recommend Rav Nissan Kaplan’s shiurim, especially mussar (which are mostly 20-30 min shiurim), you can download at

    good luck in finding your niche!


    ah I see someone else had the same question I had. So now that I’ve gone through a few shiurim I can suggest https://ezralatalmid. com/gemara/ by Rabbi Nachman Morgan z’l
    You’ll find eilu metzios shiurim on jle…start from the beginning, from 2015. The first 2 shiurim are intros and the 4th from the top seems to be a mistake as it’s about a different gemara but you can continue from there

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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