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    Not having been on for a long while, i cannot help but express my dismay at the level of replies being thrown around.

    People comment on whether manhigei yisreol are or not gedoilim [see article on satmar Rebbe has covid] people’s decisions vis a vis participating in Israeli elections/citizenship [see article on 12 year old refused to return to parents] and in one thread i just read someone announces that he doesn’t take someone else’s posts seriously…..

    Rabboisai – the issurim of oina’as deorim, bizayoin Talmidei Chachomim, loi’eg al divrayem are all de;oyraysa. because the two are hiding behind a pen name gives no one the right to be oiver issurim. and neihter missa nor yoim hakipuurim is mechaper.

    Even without the various issurim basic human dignity requires respect of differing opinions, the ability to respect another’s ideals -even if they are erroneous, and above all to accept that EVERYONE is entitled to opinion – rather than write people off.

    Additionally the lack of respect to the shita of Satmar and Breslov is simply out of place. Gedoilim od all backgrounds respected them -RavSahch was maspid R’ yoilish etc..

    [BTW i am neither Breslov nor Satmar …… or even brisk…]

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I agree, but I think you are wrong to blame it on the CR, it is a reflection of what the social media world has done to our inability to communicate effectively. The CR is one of the few moderated sites and if this is the approved stuff, well, it’s a sad reflection on what is probably being submitted.

    I also find it so sad to see the skepticism in our leaders, the arguing done with their words and messages. Our olam has become so used to aggressive and anonymous opposition to anything they see that we often forget to take note of who we are replying to before we press that button. I know I have posted about this decline and I think others have as well. It is the ‘new way’ to ‘make yourself heard’.

    Just one more reason to beg Hashem for the geula – and bim’hera biyameinu can’t come fast enough.


    Well said, thank you both of you!!


    Dear Zush.
    There is a מקור for using a pen name and being granted immunity. That is of course when we wear masks on Purim and express the fact that in a topsy turvy way Haman was…and Mordechai was…..
    So even if you say thatלשון הרע applies in writing, with a name change it is definitely less.
    Certainly posting doesn’t cause fighting in shul because the fight can be done online.
    Need to be מלמד זכות on כלל ישראל.


    Zush. very well said.

    Yet it does represent only the state of the bloggers, it is the general YWN itself which ahs sunk to a new low.

    Not only are the moderators approving posts referring to Breslover chassidim as apostates, and having no rught ot an opinion, they are publishing virulently anti israel articles, courtesy of the AP, and fake news of Israeli goings on [an article describes HaRav R’ yosef gutfarb as “exchaning slaps” with a police officer” is one of many that comes to mind.
    The hafganos against the light rail are happily reported with no context or explanation of the problems with the light rail, with many videos and details, while far greater hafganois of the settlers in the sme go ignored – as the simply do ot fir with the YWN hashkafois.

    Gedoilim such as R’ abish Eizen are niftar, but as non voters their deaths are ignored…..

    Brisker Seforim are published, but as unpublished by artscroll and being anti Zionist they do not appear

    Growing my beard



    its sad that this board was taken over by a bunch of bored bucherim talking nonsense


    commonsaychal- don’t know why the mods allowed this thread, and bochurim-,it is called “YESHIVAH” world news, lol


    @yt,its ok if a bucher joins the conversation with something insightful to add to the discussion its quite another if he makes stupid troll comments.

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