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    “The shul even congratulated same-sex couples on their weddings in its newsletter.”

    Not true. I saw the shul bulletin in question. A far right Jewish group doctored the bulletin and the lie went viral over the internet. It was actually a congratulations to the parents, who were long term shul members, and not the couple. You can argue about that, but you can’t argue that making up slanderous falsehoods is asur.


    @Charlie Hall,
    Doubt it it was the Rabbi from the White Shul that pushed the OU, doubt that the Rabbi would have bought into some doctored bulletin,


    @ Charlie Hall
    This does not look some made up attempt to slander, if it was then Steven Exler would have said that.
    Jewish Newslink

    In an interview Tuesday in response to a request for information on this policy, Fagin told The Jewish Link that the matter has been settled, with HIR agreeing not to issue such announcements in the future. “The OU has been in touch with Hebrew Institute of Riverdale to discuss the OU’s recent policy statement. The discussions have been respectful, with the exchange of differing perspectives. The OU is pleased that the issue has been resolved in accordance with the OU’s policies, as set forth in its statement, as HIR has agreed to refrain from the practice we addressed.

    “HIR has requested that we note that it was not their intention to create a public discussion or controversy,” said Fagin.

    HIR’s Rabbi Steven Exler confirmed the validity of the OU statement, but did not make further comment.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Charli- do you personally believe congratulating parents on the marriage of their son to another man is appropriate spiritually or otherwise?! And do you really think, personally, that that excuse isn’t just splitting hairs? I never would have thought you would be okay with such a thing. Too smart to cut corners on halacha and torah issues.


    The question is if the parents wanted to be congratulated. Otherwise, the shul is forcing the issue a bit. This could be used in a very frum community as a way of outing the whole family. The context is the debate here. Charlie was there. We are at the mercy of his take.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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