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    I bought a GE Washer & Dryer Combo for $1100. After installation of the machine my wife made her first wash & saw that the machine didn’t wash the clothes. I contacted GE & they sent down a Technician but he left after 5 minutes after entering my home, claiming that the sound from the machine is good so nothing is wrong with the machine.

    I made a complaint with the BBB, & received a call from someone by the name of Mary Beth Culver, she is the Assistant to the CEO of GE, after hearing my story she said that the technician makes the decision if the machine is broken & she agreed to send another Tech to check, but the Tech that came down was the same one as last time and raised his voice to my wife & insisted that it’s working properly.

    Again I called GE who scheduled a new appointment with another Technician, but he also said that the machine is working properly. I asked the Technician if maybe he can stay until the end of the cycle to see for himself that the machine is not washing but he refused even after showing him the dirty clothes that my wife supposedly washed already. Again I contacted Mary, I asked her what my next step is & she answered that GE can’t do anything if the Tech doesn’t find anything wrong. So I contacted the store where I purchased the machine but they told me that the policy of GE is not to accept returns but that I need to deal directly with the manufacturer. Again I called Mary, even though I told her that my personal Tech said that it’s probably a problem with the pump she arranged for a contracted Tech to come check the machine, he said that it’s spinning, draining & agitating as it should, so he doesn’t see why the machine is not washing the clothes, but he admitted that he receives a lot of calls with this machine & it’s not the best. After calling back Mary, she offered me to buy a new machine & they’ll give me a discount, that’s like telling me to throw out the $1100 & spend again $ to buy a new machine. My grandmother that all of her major appliances are from GE couldn’t believe the service I received from GE.


    How long ago was this? Can you speak with your credit card company about disputing the charge, as the machine is not functioning?


    Call Help Me Howard. When this type of thing hits the news, the customer service is amazingly fast to respond properly.


    boss, if you have a facebook page, i suggest you go to the ge page and copy/paste what you wrote above onto it. i find that companies respond pretty well when they see a post with a complaint on their facebook page. please let me know if it helps!

    good luck


    The other story was with a Sony music system I had purchased an extended warranty on that had to be schlepped to a repair shop three times but was never properly fixed.

    The problem is that the manufacturers have contracts with third party companies who don’t care about their reputation. You only use them cause the appliance company is hooking you up, with no choice on your part. These guys get paid per service call and many don’t really care if the customer is satisfied.


    When I bought my house, the washer and dryer came with it. The washer was a GE model. I had a problem with my dryer, and had a repair guy come to fix it. He noticed my washer and told me that GE is not a good brand for washers/dryers, and I could probably expect to be calling him again soon for it.

    Sure enough, about a month later, it started making loud noises, and shaking like crazy while running. By that time, I had a service contract with PSE&G, so I called them down. The guy said the bowl inside had cracked, so water had leaked, and the whole inside frame was rusted. The machine was finished, couldn’t be fixed, and I needed to buy a new one. I avoided GE at all costs!


    When making a major purchase, I ask the people who repair them. My car mechanic recommends Toyota, my appliance guy recommends Maytag or Whirlpool (same manufacturer) for washers and dryers. YMMV for other appliances — I’ve had no problems with Hotpoint (GE) ranges.


    I recently bought extended warranties through Sears for most of my appliances (they won’t cover imported ones). I found that Sears was much better to deal with than other companies and if they can’t fix the item, they will give you a credit to replace it. Sears warranties also cost less than the manufacture warranty. As long as your appliance is less than 10 years old and American, you can get a warranty from them. There is a 30 day waiting period though after you purchase a plan until you can repair an appliance. It doesn’t matter where you initially purchased the product from. Good Luck.

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