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    If it wasn’t for the CR I would never have even heard of 3/4 of the personalities mentioned on this site. Avi Weiss, (l’havdil) Aharon Lichtenstien, R’ Willig and many many more. BDA, YCT, RCA and Uri L’tzedek are just a few of the organizations I’ve heard about here for the first time as well.

    My question is, I do the same things as all of you and yet I never have some juicy information about an otherwise unknown organization to share with everyone. Is there a weekly circular that I don’t know about that speaks about them? Am I going to the wrong mikvah? How do I get to be in the know?


    Am I going to the wrong mikvah? How do I get to be in the know? Touch base with your spiritual advisor.


    These are the left-wing stuff that is mostly only discussed by those into religious politics. Normal people don’t know (or need to know) much about them.

    yaakov doe

    Either the wrong mikvah or you just don’t stay longh enough.


    You probably keep your head under water for too long.

    I never heard of Uri L’tzedek, either. I still didn’t. Although, I now know it must exist since someone ranted it here.


    Wrong mikvah and wrong hours .

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    You hang out in good places with good chevra – then you come to the Coffee Room…


    I think it is worth staying up to date. You can’t expect to get married if you insist on being home every night by 9:00 PM.

    frummy in the tummy

    And your date may mistakenly think you are falling asleep due to lack of interest.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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