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    Grandma Lee

    Anyone have a good minute steak recipe that would work well for pre-sliced minute steak?


    Pour some barbecue sauce on it and broil it.

    Grandma Lee

    haifagirl does it come out soft or chewy?

    i’m really looking to cook or bake it so i can have it for yomtov & it will still be fresh & soft.


    Maybe make some kind of marinade which will soften it up nicely before you cook it. Something with papaya.


    A1 steak sauce sauce is great as is Sara’s BBQ sauce too! best for the BBQ grill, but if your saying minute steak, you can also broil it too!


    Minute steak is the typical steak I always make for yom tov.

    What I do is line a deep frying pan with onions sliced. I put the steak on top of that and sprinkle some garlic pwdr and paprika. I add some water and cook it till its nice and soft.



    I would try cooking it in dry red wine, with lots of onions, garlic, mushrooms, and onion soup mix for seassoning.


    The best steak recipe I know was taught to me by a dear friend who is no longer with us. We use it always and have named it after her. I’m not giving the name because I have a feeling that that, with my user name, would give away my identity to a number of people, but here’s the recipe:

    Take any cut of ‘steak’ (the cheap ones, like ‘california’ that usually end up tough, work great) broil, grill or even pan fry it on each side for just a few minutes. You want the outside to be browned without cooking the inside. Lay the pieces in a pan (9×13, or whatever size works). One layer works best but it will work with two or even three. Cover the meat well with your favorite BBQ sauce. If you have more than one layer of meat make sure to get sauce between the layers. The more sauce you use the softer your meat will be (I use a full bottle for a 9×13 with two layers of meat). If your BBQ sauce is very thick you can add a little water, just to make it pourable. Toss on some sliced scallions (optional) and tightly cover. Bake at 350 for 1-2 hours. The meat, even the toughest cuts, will be fork tender.

    If you leave on an oven for Yom Tov, I would broil the meat before YT then add sauce, cover and fridge till 2 hours before you want to serve it.

    Great served with rice.


    Be Happy

    Instead of Barbecue sauce I use coco cola.


    Is coke healthier if you cook it?

    Oops, wrong thread.


    Pepper Steak

    Slice the steak in strips and marinate it in a half a cup soya sauce with a quarter cup sugar.

    Let it soak for about half hour.

    The pour some oil in a frying pan. Saute garlic pieces with a tablespoon ginger.

    Add sliced onions and green pepper slices. Add the steak with marinade and your favorite spices. Cook on low for about half hour or until brown.



    estherh, I’ve heard of it. how does it taste? Does it have a strong cola taste?


    How about with onion soup mix? Its really good!


    I like cooking the meat over a low flame until the sauce that lets off from the meat has finished. Then i turn it over add some spices and water and cook over a low flame for around 11/2 hours. I dice whatever veggies I have in the house and let it cook till soft. Its heaven plus. ( and also very healthy) I personally dont go for soy sauce or any of those sauces.


    Minute steak? Turn it into shnitzel! Marinate it garlic/lemon, coat in flour, then egg then panko (don’t forget to season it) and fry it up in olive oil.

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