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    Every year the same thing happens people get drunk by hakufos everything is fun and great then by krias hatarah and mussuf the latzanus starts. you have 3 kinds of people the drunks the people who tolerate it and keep quite and the people who get angry at the drunks for disturbing davening pushing people out of shul screaming at then etc.. it is to the latter who i wish to address.there are two indisputable facts 1.there will always be many drunks in shul on simchas torah 2. there will always be laytzanus by mussuf after wards, now lets even go with the assumption that getting drunk and disturbing davening are totaly wrong. why in the world will make a stink and a fight every single year about something which will never change, there are minyanim around which you cant find where this doesnt go on go daven there! i understand this is your shul your makom kevuah but again is it worth it every single year to make a fight?suck it up and daven someplace else liman hashalom or just organize a miyan with 10 people in the sukkah. let me also add that you cant have your cake and eat it too by the jakufos you enjoy the drunks pretty much right? they keep the place lebidik thats why your there in the first place! bottom line i agree they are ruining the davening but cant you just give it up daven somewhere else and stop making self righteous machlokes’s.

    P.S please don’t leave comments whether its right or wrong to get drunk we are going under the assumption that its wrong

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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