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    I can’t help but notice the tremendous amount of lashon hara that is being posted here on ywn about the recent elections in Yerushalayim. I personally think that ywn should censor all these posts. What does the oilum hold?


    I’m with you, mw13. It’s painful.


    Add me to the petition. I completely agree.




    tzippi, it really is. i usually simply can’t finish reading the posts under any Yerushalayim election-related news due to the incredible amount of sinas chinom and lashon hara / motzei shaim ra.

    and to all those who agree with me, when you see someone post something inappropriate, say something!

    Belev Echad

    totaly agree.

    now, instead of just bemoaning it…let’s do something about it, ok?

    how about if there’s a column for ppl to post daily hilchos lashon hara or something?

    or any other ideas….


    Sign me on


    mw13- way to go…


    I actually sent an email via the Contact Us page. Still waiting for a response, though.


    mayan-dvash- they dont really respond very often

    oheiv sholom

    Blev echad go for it


    Yes, please do go for it. I am tired of big talkers on ANY subject lining up to speak widescale lashon hara on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. If people would so much as open a Sefer Chafetz Chaim, they might learn some halachos they haven’t picked up from those other sefarim he wrote…


    mayan_dvash and smartcookie, don’t you comments constitute lashon hara?

    If we really study the laws of shmiras halashon we would learn that we should be blogging. Opinions most ofter lead to conversations, which lead to differences, which lead to…

    I think we should resolve ourselves to the simple fact that ALL of us are guilty to some degree and that we excersise more care and sensitivity.


    smalltowngirl, although i believe that you are right that”we should resolve ourselves to… excersise more care and sensitivity”, i must say that mayan_dvash’s didn’t speak lashon hara by saying that he had emailed ywn and was waiting for a response, and neither did smartcookie by saying that mayan_dvash shouldn’t worry that his post is being ignored, ywn will answer in time.


    smalltowngirl: the gemara states that we are not choshesh for two chashoshes so dont worry so much


    i must compliment yw editor for lately closing all these crazy fouroms


    shtultzy guy, are you complimenting ywn for cracking down on lashon hara, or saying this is a crazy topic?


    mw13, he definetly means that this is a crazy topic


    I learned that anything that you say that can lead to lashon hara also constitutes lashon hara. Maybe I am wrong, it would not be the first time…


    Nearly anything one says can lead to lashon hara. Are you advocating a complete Ta’anit Dibur?


    Not at all jewfem – I am not an extremist.

    But what I do advocate is effort in taking great care when we are bantering.

    Even in jest, we are speaking L”H – we may not be causing harm to an individual we could however be causing harm to a cause or institution. If nothing else can we admit that we are ALL guilty…

    Shmiras halashon is very very difficult to adhere to.


    NO OFFENSE FEMINIST, BUT you can really improve your chances of speaking lh if you dont reply to every crazy topic


    shtark bochur


    NO OFFENSE FEMINIST, BUT you can really improve your chances of speaking lh if you dont reply to every crazy topic

    But when YOU reply to every topic, that doessn’t hurt your chances, or you just don’t care?

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