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    I know the family would love to have people write about stories you may have with Reb Yosef (Yossi ) Pressburger who had a levaya today after suddenly passing away on a business trip in Detroit,MI

    Please post any stories you may have…Thank you


    i didnt know hom personally but i know his daughter and she is WONDERFUL!!! it is a definate reflection of how he was! i know he will be missed!


    The pressburgers are amazing people, mamash. When my sister was suddenly in the icu for a few days including shabbos, they gave us the entire shabbos prepared….from the grape juice and challah thru the desert. They are very special people always looking to do chessed and help others. I am sure he is sitting with avraham, yitzchok and yaakov….for all the zechusim he and his family have accumulated.


    I thought about the family all shabbos. They are wonderful

    wonderful people – looking everyday to do chesed for others.

    May Hashem send them a nechama to continue in the derech of

    the chashuve niftar.


    I only know him through a friend.. he was such a special person its hard to describe. all he cared about was other people…

    now, I just heard of a young mother with little kids who passed away after a 2 week battle of pneumonia..

    no words to say!

    only life is short! do as much chesed as possible and love your loved ones as much as possible!


    Yosaif Eliezer Ben R’ Mordecai, was his father’s son in all inyanim. The elder Pressburger’s in Wahington Heights, raised a family that IS Molei Chesed, from the three girls who live in Baltimore, all three are in the Chinuch field and are Amudim in the community to Yossi A”h who was involved in chesed 24/7, together with Shuli his Eishes Chayil. Hashem should give her the Siyata Dishmaya that she will need to raise her children in the Derech of their forefathers, the Jakobowitz’s, Pressburgers, & Yossi Aleyhem Hasholom


    Yossi z”l, was the calmest person I know. He even under pressure by his own simchas never got excited. I remember hearing that at his daughters wedding, the musician that was hired did not show up as he seemed to have double booked and went to the other job. Until the family found him and realized this the badekin was almost ready to start and the chosson’s family miraculously found a relative who plays the keyboard and the chasuna went on as if nothing happened. Yossi was bemoleh simcha just to bring his oldest daughter under the chupah and it did not matter who was there to play. Yossi always had a good word and a smile to everyone around him. He will be sorely missed. My condolences go out to his wife, children and sisters.May we hear of no more sorrowful news in the future.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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