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    I had an interesting conversation with my 12-year old son on Friday. He lives in a safe community in a nice area in NY. He goes to a good day school in the N.Y. area (not in NYC or Monsey). The students are made up of Yeshivish Modern, RWMO, and Centrist MO. It also has a handful of Modern Chasidish and very MO.
    The conversation went like this:
    Has your school spoken about the attacks on Jews that are going on?
    “Not really”
    What do you and your friends think about it?
    “We dont”
    What do you guys say when you talk about it?
    “No-one talks about it”
    Your not concerned about what’s going on?
    (slightly annoyed) “We don’t care”
    I was somewhat surprised by his answers. Is this the norm of kids today?


    Perhaps a more productive way to address this issue would be to speak with the boy’s principal and share with him your ideas of what lessons should be shared with the students. It is very possible that the school spoke at length about it but it did not affect your son.

    It is not not strange for a 12 year old to not care about any communal issue especially if it will not have any effect on the video game he plans to play that afternoon.

    Do you remember being a community activist at age 12?


    You live in 5 towns we get it

    ☕️coffee addict

    I don’t think my 10 year old cares
    Out of sight out of mind

    He cares more if a kid is bullying him


    He lives in a safe community in a nice area in NY. Before Chanukah we would have described Monsey the same way.


    To Billywee. Thanks for the posting. Very timely and important issue. Based on talking with friends elsewhere, the situation is not much different in the MO yeshivos/day schools in the D. C. , Chicago and LA areas. In fact, I sense the issue has received more direct attention in some of the public school systems, but perhaps teachers find it easier to talk about when the majority of their students are not the “subject” of the discussion.


    Coffee Addict, bullying is a serious issue. Anti-Semitic violence is also a major issue, but to a 10 year old, bullying is a more personally relevant one.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Exactly, and that’s why he cares more about it


    Its the teachers. I have family that teaches part time; they says there’s a major online Jewish education forum, most of the teachers are M.O., and more than 1/2 hate Trump and “barely support” Israel.

    Remember what happened with Ramaz when Rabbi Lookstein was going to give the opening prayer at the RNC convention where Trump would be formally made the candidate. 1/2 of the students and many alumni went berserk and created petitions to stop it, threatening to pull donations. Rabbi Lookstein backed down.

    If you don’t monitor what is being taught in your kids schools (and fight back against bolshivicker teachers, your kids are going to get brainwashed by the Left.


    Minor correction to my comment:

    “I have family that teaches part time; they SAY…”


    Billywee: Which area in NY outside of NYC and Monsey is a nice safe community that has a yeshivish and chasidish community?


    What’s so important that yeshivos need to make a special issue about the antisemitism today? Antisemitism has existed for 2000+ years.



    Please ignore the nasty troll, who for the past six months has been screaming about how safe NYC, the Jew-hating cesspool is, with comments like:

    “NYC is a much safer city both in general and in regards to antisemitism that involves violent assaults according to FBI statistics for each of the last 19 years”

    A tireless tirade of lies, “statistics” and trashing other communities.

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