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    Here is my amazing *Egg Roll Up* recipe:

    1 Stainless Steel Inversion Table (food-service grade quality)
    24 oz. Pasteurized Egg Whites
    16 oz. Strawberry Jam

    Heat the inversion table with file, and make sure it’s at an almost totally vertical position.

    Your stainless steel inversion table is your *slip n’ slide* skittle.

    Once the table is hot enough to fry an egg, pour your pasteurized egg whites at the rate of molasses down the inversion table.

    Make sure that you’re only pouring straight down the center.

    Once you see the egg white landing strip coming to a firm well-cooked feel, on your table, set the table’s temperature to a low heat.

    While the egg whites are still medium-hot, spoon the jam into the top of the egg white strip at the rate of a substitute teacher.

    The jam will slowly make its way down the egg strip.

    Once the jam hits the bottom of the egg whites, turn off the table.

    Next, use your spatula to loosen the tippy top of the egg white strip, and allow roll the strip of egg down into itself.

    From there, let the egg run its course, rolling down, thanks to gravity, and becoming a beautiful strawberry-filled egg roll up.

    Enjoy, and please let me know if you like this yummy sweet treat! 😊

    Thank you ☺


    Corrections please:

    1) The recipe is for a Strawberry Egg Roll Up.
    2) You will be using fire, not file.
    3) Your inversion table is your skillet, not skittle.
    4) Once the jam hits the bottom of the egg whites, turn off the fire, for good.

    Thanks! 😊

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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