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    Did anyone read about the new Bugaboo stroller for $1500.00

    A few years ago we could buy a used car for that amount of money.



    i dont get it…what does anyone need such a stroller for, except to say “i have money.” im not trying to judge, i just dont get it…..


    I just took a friend of mine to Babies “R” us on Thursday. You can’t imagine how many new products and new strollers are on the market. There is no need to spend so much money on this item. Seriously, so many low end companies have upgraded. And many higher ends are not as expensive and easier to use than this one. Just because it is so expensive does not make it better. I was surprised to see Phil & Ted’s and Britax at Babies R Us and a new brand Mama’s and Papas.


    This $1500 is actually a really amazing stroller. It converts from a single to a double, is well made, lightweight and really versatile. If someone can afford it, why not? Also, there are some people who use their strollers all the time and need a MUCH better stroller.

    Let people spend their own money.

    (from someone who doesn’t have a fancy one)


    Not all Bugaboos are so expensive. I know someone who got one for 500(on sale)which is the price of a regular stroller and they said that it is a really great carriage.


    Everyone loves the carriage that they choose for whatever reason they chose it. My daughter-in-law has a bugaboo because it was a gift. I still can’t figure out how to open or close it. It has the most difficult engineering and it is not one handed. There are many others just as good and comparably priced or cheaper which are easier to open and close.


    If you took off the Bugaboo name and otherwise left the stroller the same, most owners wouldn’t buy it since their friends and neighbors wouldn’t know they wasted $500 or more on it.


    anyonymrs – I agree its a waste of money, but then again a Lexus, Acura and Infiniti are also a waste of money.


    For some reason HaShem in his kindness see fit to GIVE us carriages when we need it. It’s the second time we acquired a good decent baby carriage (b’chinam), exactly when we needed it. ??? ??? ????? ????? ??


    so, anyone know anyone from the bugaboo company for my brilliant idea?


    Mama’s and Papas, is a Europan stroller I see a lot of pple in EY with it. It’s very nice, have no idea what its priced.

    I have the Uppababy, got it as gift. Pretty happy with it.


    even though i have time i want to know what i should get. i am starting with a snap n go and then what????


    yogi, beshaa tova! Around when are you due? Because no carriages come out all the time, if you’re not due for a while it might not be worth it to check them out til it gets closer…


    I have the city mini and I absolutely love it! It’s made well, is very lightweight and closes easily with one hand. It folds up nicely too. it also has a very large hood, and if you play with it, it can be used as a raincover in the rain. It costs $230 everywhere, doesn’t go on sale though. I bought mine from bed bath and beyond and got a lifetime warranty! The ride is great- smooth and easy to push. highly reccomended!!


    My best investment was an Ergo Baby Carrier. Google it…its amazing.


    My best investment was an Ergo Baby Carrier. Google it…its amazing.

    My best investment in a baby carrier was Ittisa. She is way more amazing than an Ergo.

    LOL and Boruch Hashem.


    LOL @ GAW.

    Here is my general stroller advice:

    Look at your lifestyle. Are you a SAHM? If so, you will probably use your stroller a lot more.

    Do you have a car? Make sure the stroller fits in your trunk.

    Are you the type to take the kitchen sink with you? If so, get one with a large basket.

    Also, go to stores and try them out. Test out the folding mechanism. Test out lifting the stroller. See if it can accomodate an infant seat and how easy it is to snap one in.

    The City Mini is overall a good stroller (I have it in a double), but I find the seat doesn’t go all the way up, the basket is tiny and not very accessible.

    Shop for your lifestyle needs. Bugaboo is a good brand, but it may not meet your requirements.


    I think anyone could afford this stroller. If you don’t have that much discretionary money you could manage by eating rice and beans in your house instead of chicken and meat. And give up cleaning help. That should save you $1500 in the 9 months leading up to your need for a stroller.



    I like the city select. It has a very big basket and you can make it into a double if need be. It is a little big but it is very easy and light to push.

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