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    how cud the mods give subtitles, when ppl make screen names to protect their privacy.

    i understand if its something that is nothing personal, but when it ‘digs’ into trying to figure out the person,especially when the mods themselves wont post up a post that might get alittle personal, shudn’t this be against policy as well?

    why r the mods out to make ppls identitys public????????????????

    i know im rambling, but is ne1 with me on this 1????


    Generally, we don’t need sub-titles to figure out the the poster. Spelling and grammar are enough!


    One more thing. You could always organize an “Occupy CoffeeRoom subtitle” (tents, drums, filth..)


    what trash, jemmapuddleduck don’t tell me your an Aussie:)!! You out of anyone…I’d say your cute though;)

    I’m really not sure how we ended up with the same subtitles.. i’d say it’s rather cool, Do you think you know me at all??



    ::::::QTpie Aussie Troll:::: “

    Why does this poster have the same subtitle as me?? this place is giving me the creaps….


    Half, wow, neva noticed that b4, iz this new?????????????????? pretty cool that they think we both come from such an exotic place, complementary!!!

    still i dont think its rite 4 them 2 post wateva they want


    This is funny in a very pathetic way.


    is it just me or are the mods announcing more trolls than they used to? when i first started here i had no clue what a troll was besides J____H.


    I honestly don’t know who this Jemmapuddleduck poster is… Mods what are you trying to cause over here????

    I was enjoying this site and gained alot here, however If you don’t want me here for whatever reason just say it outright, don’t try to kill me in all sorts of ways.. Which you have inevitably already done! I tried keeping the peace earlier in a different thread however this constant friction is too hard for me to bear… I am not used to this sort of aggression… please take your anger and frustration elsewhere until it subsides..

    I really don’t mind being called a troll when I’m not and try my best not to be, being acused of having other screan names when I don’t, being called a ‘cute Aussie’ I’d say was parevly fine, But when I am being accused of being mechalel shabbos that is too much for me to handle! May this false accusation be a kapparah for all my aveiros and may all my tefilos be answered bekorov in this merrit! Amen!!


    If the shoefits…. -“This is funny in a very pathetic way.”

    when bar kamsa was at the party and the rich man embarresed him in public for no reason what bothered him the most was that noone else bothered to stand up for him! they just stood by in amusement and thought it was funny in a very pathetic way!! & that’s what inevitably caused the destruction of the beis hamikdash. sorry to break it to you cinderrella and others but tzinus chinum is a very serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly!


    I have a feeling Jemmapuddleduck is one of the mods screan names and they are just trying to set some ‘excitement’ up around here now that the AYC saga is over, there has to be something else on…

    Please whatever you want to do to make this place exciting please don’t do it at the expense of other posters…-behind every poster there is a selem Elokim, remember that!

    have a good shabbos!!


    Half and Jem – stop talking to yourselves.


    I agree Half. No more subtitles. I don’t know why the mods have to make public their suspicions, knowing that there is a chance they may be wrong. Just confront the person using their email and block them from the site if they suspect a troll.

    Personally, I enjoy your posts. I don’t understand why anybody has against you.


    thanks Nechomah 🙂


    ED IT OR

    please keep the subtitles, or at least popa’s new one!



    Me: Subtitle?

    Subtitle: Yes?

    Me: NO!

    The Wolf


    Well see what posting on this thread gets you? I never asked for a subtitle and I definitely don’t appreciate the one I was given. Can it go back to being simply “Member” mods?


    Sadly, no or no no, the subtitles listened.


    Wow!!! So novel! First time I’ve heard a poster object to having a subtitle.

    Thanks for sharing RebYidd23… what if there was an underground mob of anti-subtitlers all this time?

    What if they had a political action committee that paid YWN in chocolate gelt to remove subtitles?

    What if we all imagined subtitles? What if….

    Shopping613 🌠

    Many others have rejected them. I have a theory about subtitles and rejection somewhere around the CR. I beleive I made a thread about it once.

    RebYidd, want to find it? lol You seem to be good at that.

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