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    DaasYochid went from “a singular mind” to nothing at all.


    popa_bar_abba’s was changed to “can’t stop tweeting” from

    “Incorrigible; eccentric; somewhere between mean and average; sometimes only a bit over the top; arbitrarily engaged in cynicism.”


    “popa_bar_abba’s was changed to “can’t stop tweeting””

    I think that happened at the same time his username changed to TheRealDonaldTrump


    RebYidd23’s subtitle used to be

    “Not what I meant I meant and you know it!”


    I’m sure it was recently something other than “A very real

    figment of your imagination,” but I don’t remember what.


    And now it’s changed again.


    how do you get a subtitle?


    Feel free to put whatever your subtitle used to be in your profile
    (as I think a certain user has already done).

Viewing 8 posts - 151 through 158 (of 158 total)
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