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    smart alex

    I was discussing this with a friend of mine and decided to take a survey and get some opinions. Keep in mind we are discussing wants and luxuries (e.g. fancy cars, expensive clothes, multi-million dollar houses) not needs.

    “S/o who’s willing to give up what he wants today to get what he wants in the future will be more successful than s/o who does what he needs to do to today for what he wants today assuming he will be able to do the same tomorrow.”

    What’s your opinion on this? True or false? If false please explain.


    Your wants for the future may not necessarily be what you will want once that future comes. Desires change.

    Either way, “ain odom meis v’chatzi taavosov b’yodo”. When a person passes on, guaranteed, he has not fulfilled even half of his desires. (I’ll add, and from the part he has fulfilled, is he taking anything with?)


    not clear:

    1. is he giving up what he now believes he wants for now to get what he now believes he’ll want in the future, or to get what he in the future will want – which he may not know exactly right now

    This is an essential point as if it is the former, then it is a current want too.

    2. “someone who does what he needs to get what he wants now” – this is a neccessity to survive, or is this talking about luxuries?

    Basically, the answer depends on what the subject is. If talking about neccessities, it is wrong. For extras it may be right. and talking about spiritual growth definitely wrong!

    But you can sort out all these problems if you just put a little bitachon into the equation! 🙂


    True, Al Pi Derech HaTeva.

    (Although some people DO choose to live by instant gratification, and somehow get away with it…)


    idk in the end its all in g-ds hands how successful a person will be. of course you have to do your hishtadlus but in the end parnassah, wealth or the lack of it is all how g-d wants it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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