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    Any one have a good Succos vort?


    There is a famous question – Why is Succos now and not Pesach time, if the whole purpose of the Succah is to remind us of ???? ????? (the Heavenly Protection in the desert)?

    The Midrash explains that the reason is so that if Hashem decreed Golus (Exile) for us on Yom Kippur, we will fulfill our punishment and be exempt.

    The obvious question is: What sort of exile is it to sit in a Succah with your family over Yom Tov, singing and having delicious meals?

    The answer is with a fundamental point which is the philosophy of the whole ???? ??????: The point of a Succah is to teach us that there is no ?? (power) in the world other than Hashem – ??? ??? ?????. By going out of your secure area into a temporary structure which has to be roofed by ????? – the rubbish of your growth – rather than proper material, you show that you are placing your trust in G-d, that only He can protect you, whatever the situation is.

    We read the ?????? of ????? ??? ????? on Succos. The War of Gog and Magog, the Seforim explain, will not be a physical war but a spiritual war. R’ Shimshon Refoel Hirsh explains that ‘Gog’ uses the terminology of ?? – roof – which underlies their philosophy of protection and strength – believing in ??? ????? ??? – in one’s own strength rather than in G-d’s. “Magog” is the ideology of protecting somebody else, being somebody else’s security.

    On Succos, we ‘take the roof off’ – we do the ultimate opposite to that ideology by placing our trust purely Hashem.

    Of course we haven’t gone into Exile. But the point of exile is so that one understands that he is away from one’s comforts and security, and G-d is in charge. By sitting in the Succoh, one can achieve the same lessons without actually Needing to go into Exile. You have accomplished the same effect as the Exile should have.

    That is the point of Rosh Hashono, Yom Kippur and Succos – the ?????? and Coronation and acceptance of HKB”H on us as King. The recognition that He is our King is the ????? of the whole year.

    THat is also the point of reading ???? – where ???? tells us ??? ??? ?????… that everything on this world is all rubbish, except for the Lord, ??? ??? ?????.

    Simchas Torah is the climax of the entire ???? ??????, and after ????, ??? ????, ??? ????? and Succos, you can open the Aron Hakodesh and say truly – ??? ????? ???? ?? ? ??? ?????…


    yekke2- niiiiiiice!!!! +100


    why dont we celebrate other things like Mon or the Be’er that Hashem provided us? I heard the question before but dont know an answer. anyone?

    YW Band

    Here is a dvar torah mix from my Rav, Guest speaker & Rebbe:

    There are 2-4 mitzvos which you can do with your whole body: Succah, Yeshuv Eretz Yisroel (My Rav added Mikvah & Bias Bais Hamikdash because these arent actually mitzvos but its the way to get to it-hechsher). The lowest part of the body is the foot. The malbish (ornament) of the foot is the shoes. One is not all allowed to wear shoes in the BH”M. The question is: how can you wear shoes in the succah if it’s on the same level of the BH”M, is the succah more kodesh? The answer is in a way it is. Hashem wants us to be m’taher the whole guf!

    The gemara says: “Usid HB”H lasos machul (circle) l’tzadikim”. Why a circle? Because in a circle, nobody is ahead of each other, we’re all together as 1 unit (achdus). So there is no greater way of showing this greatness than by dancing with your feet which have shoes on them in a circle on Simchas Torah!!!

    May we have this in mind during hakafos & at other simchos as well & serve Hashem with kol gufo! Gut Shabbos & Moed!

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