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    Coming to Israel is definitely a big zchus and coming for Succos, one of the Shalosh Regalim is something very special. However, the question is at what cost? There are many many people who are paying on average over $100,000 to be in Israel for less than 10 days. That money could support 3 ENTIRE families in Israel for an entire YEAR! I do not know what “zchus” they are coming with to the Yom Hadin after deciding they would rather not stay home for 10 days instead of supporting entire families. Hashem loaned you money for 120 years- it is not yours to do what you want with it. Many will claim that these people do support people – but a simple calculation of the number of people coming to Israel and the amount of families still in poverty will show that it is simply not true. Besides for the fact that even if they do give much tzedakah – they are still coming to the Yom Hadin with a trip to Israel instead of supporting 3 more families!
    For those that can not cancel their trip anymore, please do yourselves a favor and go into Rosh Hashana saying you tried to help out others at least as much as you helped yourselves…
    For those that “Need” to be in Israel for Yom tov because it just has so much kedusha -there is kedusha in Israel on Pesach also (it’s not just in Florida) and it will cost a fraction of the “Succos experience “
    And to the claim that you are bringing in money to the economy and indirectly helping out everyone here- the truth is just the opposite. The prices people are willing to pay for rentals so they can be in “Israel for Succos” has made the prices of rentals and value of apartments skyrocket. This has forced many Avreichim to either leave Yerushalyim or to even leave learning altogether. So thank you for your help…


    Same old shpiel telling others how to spend their money. Please send me your address so I can do an inspection to determine if you spent more than I think is appropriate. I specifically focus on candle sticks (metal ones work just the same as silver). Menorahs (you can buy one for under $5) your wife’s jewelry, & furniture (you can buy a used sofa on Craig’s list for under $100). You’ll probably say you didn’t spend to much money on your stuff. So basically you don’t want me telling you how to spend your money but you have no problem telling others how to spend theirs.


    Hypothetically, if a person gives 35% of their BH hyper high net income to tzedoka, and still has enough left over to live comfortably, you begrudge them a fancy vacation? How about 50%?


    where do they spend their money during the trip? presumably on hotels, taxis and food in EY, helping support multiple Israeli families. Maybe, the goal _should_ be to make trip to Yerushalaim more popular by charging less from the visitors, as it was during olden times.


    Such a stupid conversation. How do you know if they give a lot or a little to poor families? Even though there is still many poor families in Isreal doesn’t mean this guy didn’t give more than enough. And even he didn’t give enough who said he can’t spend his money lent to him for 120 years in a way that helps his family grow and connect? Did you think they are just going to Isreal and spending money and there is no experience and connection involved!! This is disgusting I have personally went with my family and the amount we gained away together was amazing we would do it every year if we can. There is so much to gain together away it’s not just about spending the money and looking at why poor families still exist. There is also local families that need money and I thought you need to give money to a local family first??

    Basically you’re just jealous that you don’t go to Isreal for Sukkos or you think you can tell the world how to spend their money….. not going to happen


    @sgod412, welcome and congrats on your first post, your writing style very similar to some other posters, do you have more than one user name?

    Try and make your post shorter and easier to understand


    מאה מיתות עדיפות על פני קנאה אחת (דברים רבה ט ט).

    רקב עצמות קנאה (משלי יד ל)

    הקנאה והתאוה והכבוד מוציאין את האדם מן העולם (אבות ד כא)


    Many people rent apartments from those who can use the extra funds, they pay for 10-12 days amounts that can cover 1/2 year rent. Or more.

    They directly help in a very significant way people who need the money.


    It so happens that a lot of these wealthy Jews who go to Israel for Succos donate a lot of money to tzedakah. You’re just not happy that others are happy.


    Donations isn’t the only way to support a Jew. Supporting a business is an even bigger help.


    I don’t begrudge people traveling to Israel under any circumstances.
    On the other hand a Pesach program in Egypt….
    If you are going to kvetch pick your battles


    egold412 imfarginners don’t belong here.



    Stop with the criticism and bashing aboht people’s writing. We all understand perfectly what he wrote. His post can be as long as he wants given that the moderator lets it through. I also got tons of slack for now knowing how to write and that my post was too long. Simply just stop and say your comment and answer or just delete your account. We all can say our opinion in as many paragraphs as we want.

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