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    I would like to buy a bread machine that will hold 5 lbs.of flour at once. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which brand? Model number? Also, where to buy?


    We have a Magic mill.we were told that it makes a very good dough, but the problem is that it has no cover and you have to watch it the whole time. I would recomend a bosch, it lasts long. it makes a deli bread.


    Are those bread machines or mixers?


    A bread machine is an appliance into which you put all ingredients,turn some knobs, wait a few hours and voila you have a loaf of bread. The machines deiyezooger mentioned are kneader/mixers which produce a dough which still has to rise, be shaped, and put into the oven.

    LionessMom if you are interested in the 5 lb capacity machine because you want to take Chala with a Bracha, there is a way to accomplish that. I will leave the details to the CR “Rabbonim Wannabes”.

    Rak Od Pa'am

    ????? ??

    As in the Pesach Matzo bakeries


    You’re right, I don’t necessarily want a bread machine. I want a machine that will mix and knead the dough (using 5 lbs of flour), that I will then shape into challot, allow to rise and then bake in my oven. Thanks for helping me clarify.

    And yes, I want to use 5 lbs of flour so that I can make a bracha.

    Trying to Be Helpful: where are you leaving the details? What’s “the CR”?

    Deiyezooger: I’ve heard a lot about the Bosch. Is there a particular model #?

    thank you everyone


    For details on post baking combination of batches to make a “shiur chala” See Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 35:3 and then ask a competent Posek

    What is the CR? the Coffee Room with all its scholars & pseudo-scholars


    Those who use the Bosch love the Bosch. Those who use the Magic Mill, love the Magic Mill. Both allow for 5 lbs of flour without a problem so you can make a brocha. Most who refuse to buy the Bosch do not want to buy German products.


    I used to work for Bosch and during my interview with the vice president of sales I asked point blank “what was this company doing during WW2” The answer I got was as follows..Bosch during WW2 in Germany manufactured spark plugs for automobiles, the Nazi’s came to the factory and told them they would now be manufacturing parts for tanks. The powers that be that owned the company said absolutly not, we will have no part of this and they abandoned the facility and moved operations to switzerland. After the Allies vanquished the Nazis the company moved back to Germany.

    While I was employed there I was treated just like everyone else and was never looked askance for leaving early on Friday or being off for Yom Tov.

    It is a wonderful company and their products are the best out there.

    But it’s not cool to actually research things so just go with what everyone else thinks so you dont get labeled for breaking ranks

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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