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    Gosh, should’nt… give us a chance! As it happens, I just found a flyer for this service (347-664-6716).

    Can’t vouch for the quality of work, but at least you have a 3rd option. Also, since you have 3 leads, you might consider posting the numbers you have (in case someone else needs one built).

    Again, sorry you did not get the response the cr is famous for. Now, had you asked our OPINION of BP sukkah builders…. 🙂


    Thanks found the same flyer

    You suggetsed asking for an opinion. It seems that you forgot that I still consider myself an outsider. Hoping for a speedy release from my IBS confinement and better things to do.

    ????? ?????? ???? with all the attachments


    Outsider? There is no such thing in the CR (but I would like to know where IBS is… maybe I’ll stop by for a visit 🙂

    What I meant to say was, the CR is really quick to offer opinions and advice… facts are sometimes slow in coming.

    Either way, Chasiva v’Chasima Toivah!


    Someone else asked me the same Q in

    and Mod 80 answered


    I checked.. sorry I asked!

    I was hoping it was a resort or something like that.

    No, I hope not to visit IBS anytime soon 🙁


    IBS ouch, refuah shelaima.

    yes, i now know what that stands for thanks to bp totty’s comment. just had to go and check for myself of course…


    post a sign in yeshivos–i’m sure there are capable bochurim who could use the cash.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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