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    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for ideas what to use/build for my sukkah in order to protect it from rain.
    I’m using wooden panels on 3 sides and the fourth wall is the wall of my house.

    Any ideas and perhaps with photos I would really appreciate.



    Why do you keep changing your username?

    Reb Eliezer

    Use mats for the roof.


    We’ve used a simple PVC pipe frame attached on a slight slope over the schach roof and used a rolled up tarp on a second piece of pipe attached to the “high” end of the frame so the tarp can easily be rolled up and pulled out. The entire frame and large tarp can be purchased at any Home Depot or Lowes for minimal cost. Two concerns. First, its good for light rain but don’t use it when heavy downpour is forecast since the water can “pool” and the weight will collapse your succah. Second, getting up on the ladder to roll it up or down at night and after a few glasses of wine can be a challenge
    Also, I’m sure there is some chumrah somewhere that says our entire “stay dry” strategy is apikorsus and succahs are supposed to get wet.


    It’s called a Shlach.


    Gadol Hadorah,
    I enjoyed you poking fun at a potential “sukkahs are supposed to get wet” chumrah.
    Of course, the opposite is true. Succahs should always be kept dry. It reminds those still living in chutz la’aretz that Succot is at the time of year when it has not rained yet in Eretz Hakodesh, and a rained-upon succah before tefillat geshem is actually a klalah. Come live in Israel and enjoy a rain-free succah filled with brachah.

    Reb Eliezer

    rational, it is a Midrash Tanchuma Parashas Pinchos (Warsaw) we leave the Sukkah Shemini Atzeres in order to daven with a full heart for rain.


    Rational: I was always taught to keep the succah dry because of all the work that the kids expended in making those beautiful decorations for yom tov and hanging them from the roof of the succah along with their drawings on the wall would be ruined by the rain. We never purchased decorations and in some cases, were able to retain some of the kids’ items from prior years. I’m not sure that is the inyan of keeping the succah “dry” but that was certainly our primary focus.


    > Succahs should always be kept dry

    I thought we were moving to Sukkah to fill vulnerable and not depend on all the protections we have at home. If you insist on maintaining perfect temperature, humidity and acidity in your temporary dwelling, you might be defeating the purpose

    Anan Sahadi

    Well maybe instead of using all your krum svaras that are shelo kehalacha learn the sugya.
    Since you probably won’t I’ll tell you guys a few tidbits.
    – Ayin Tosafos In Succah that asks if its muttar to use boards as schach than geshem isn’t a kllalah
    – there was a shailah about an invention that a yungerman made that was schach that the rain slides off (too lengthy to explain here) and its a machlokes
    – the best option is a shlock


    omg gh and rational! you guys are a riot!

    chumra of not keeping it dry…it’s apikorsus…
    hahahahahaha! ROTFL!!!!

    having said that, and trying to compose myself enough to type, Idk where u live, rational but it actually does rain sometimes in Israel on sukos.


    First, it (a tarp) is good for light rain but don’t use it when heavy downpour is forecast since the water can “pool” and the weight will collapse your succah.

    I learned that the hard way. Fortunately, I was able to prevent the s’chach from being destroyed by quickly poking holes in the tarp with a knife. 🙂

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