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    Joe Schmo

    Can anyone who has been in Eretz Yisroel for Sukkos give me some pointers? I’m going with the family.



    Take some trips to communities outside of Yerushalayim, to see how people really live. Spend some time away from the tourist areas.

    Make your trip into a mini-pilot trip, which will hopefully help you in planning your forthcoming aliyah.


    If you like music (and don’t care if it’s banned) there is a great music festival in Bet Shemesh every year, this year it’s on Wed and Thurs of Chol Hamoed


    Keep in mind that if you are staying in Jerusalem there is going to be alot of traffic, succos it is very busy thank G-d. I would suggest you hire a tour guide who has a van to take your family around, if you need one I can give you mine if he is available. I don’t know how old everyone is in your family, but I liked the water tunnel that’s near the kotel area, near the city of david. Have you ever been to Ein Gedi or Masada, that is also very nice. Enjoy!


    Just enjoy every sec- gorgeous. Breathe in the holy air . I would love to be there.


    My family is not going for the first year in a while, please enjoy it, it is the most beautiful thing. really take in every moment and possibility, take in the kosel, and because of shmittah just be extra cautious with kashrus…enjoy


    Buy tickets for the Rav Chesed organization of Ashdod’s raffle which will be on Isru Chag. They are raffling off a brand new car and the donations go to providing poor families with food and provisions for newborns.

    Tizku l’mitzvos and have a great Yom Tov here in the Holyland.

    Donations of all amounts will be happily accepted and the website is secure)

    Pashuteh Yid

    Don’t forget to buy a kibbutz hat (kova tempo?) and a pair of binoculars so everybody knows you are a tourist. Buy some olive-wood camels to bring home.

    If you are going to eat falafel, make sure it is from a reputable and clean place, or you may get one of the worst stomach aches ever.


    Mishpacha Family First (Issue 108) has a whole article about spending succos in Eretz Yisroel, and it has alot of ideas on what to do, things to see, without spending a ton of $. Like they mentioned the egged #99 bus that take you on a tour of Yerushalayim, stopping at twenty nine major attractions, and you have a recorded guide on earphones as the bus makes it’s way around the city. Says to pack for cool evenings and some light weight clothing if you have a chamsin (heat wave). I was there last year for succos, boy do I wish I could go this year! Have a great time.


    Pashuteh Yid, that’s “Kova Tembel”, which you may not need anymore on Sukkos, since the clock goes back an hour already, and summer finally starts to say good-bye.

    Also Joe Schmo, be EXTREMELY careful on how/where you select your Esrog. As we’re nearing the end of Shmitta, the esrogim will still be Peiros Shviis (Shmitta produce) and you have to be very careful of how you handle them – they contain an immense amount of Kedusha. The same holds true for Kashrus. Make sure that when you dine out (or by food at a grocery) you get a very good Mehadrin hechsher, which won’t use ridiculously fabricated kulos (leniencies).

    Enjoy every moment, and maybe we’ll bump into each other!


    If you want to hear Jewish Music the way it should sound, go to one of the many Simchos Beis Hasheivous and watch the sweating Bochurim/ Men dance…It’s a sight to withhold. Wish I could be there. Have a gr8 time!


    kitzur_dot_net: “ridiculously fabricated kulos” you mean like pruzbul!


    coming from the U.S., I found hechsherim very complicated in Israel and had changed since I went to school there. I guess the best thing is if you have a Rov or if not a friend and ask them what the story is. Fortunately, my seminary daughter learned in seminary what is a good hechsher for us, and if we went out to eat she called ahead of time to her teachers and madrichot to double check.

    The statement “which won’t use ridiculously fabricated kulos (leniencies), is not necessary, we don’t have to say bad things about Israel when it is not needed. Too much sinas chinum in this world, just my opinion.


    As some one mentioned above Hechshierim are very important. It is not clear cut here in Israel. Some of it has to do with politics. When I first came to Israel I saw that everything was written in Hebrew and coming from America I thought it was all Kosher. Ask people that you know in Israel what they eat. Lots of places that many people go to (such as Cafe Rimon) have a basic hechser (B’datz Yerushulayim Mehdarin). While I personally eat it many people in Israel wont. It seems that tourists will eat at such places “because everyone else does”

    This yes is shmitah. All the arbah minim are coming off of a shmitah year. Be carefull where you buy them.

    Renting a car may not be the best idea if you plan on going around the Yerushulayim area. Traffic in the charedi neighborhoods and other popular places are hard to drive in. It is good for going out of the city. Keep in mind that gas here is about $7.25 a gallon (you people in NYC have it easy…).

    The exchange rate for the dollar is not at its best. Make sure you trade at a trustworthy place. You can get the exchange rate by calling 078-818-7200 or from the US 646 335 0424.

    Enjoy your trip.


    mariner, do you realize that Yom Hadin is in a week? How dare you put down the Tanna Hakadosh Hillel Hazaken who was <i>mesaken</i> the pruzbul, based on psukim in the Torah? (Refer to Gittin, approximately Daf 34-37)

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