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    doodle jump

    I know that there are threads out there for menus.

    I wanted to know if you have any ideas for simchas torah’s night.

    You come home from shul so late. What do you serve?

    golden mom

    something light



    onion soup or mushroom barley soup, fish, a noodle dish (baked ziti, lasagna, milchig noodle kugel) salad (this year will prob be greek), and cheeses and spreads. dessert will prob be ice cream


    Simchas torah night will be thursday night this year.

    I recommend.

    Challa, and dips (chummus, etc.)


    Green salad


    Potato kugel

    Roasted vegetables

    Roasted potatoes with garlic

    beer, scotch, wine

    dessert with brandy

    doodle jump

    Taking a break, I find milchig to be more patchkarai then fleishig.

    Popa: I wonder what you’d consider “more filling”.

    golden mom

    popa if thats light what not light by u and whoa to ur wife who got to make for u


    Doodle jump, in my house we find milchigs easier in a way. The soup and noodle dish is made before y”t, which just leaves the fish to make along with cutting veggies for the salad and plattering cheeses. Plus it’s usually plastic dishes which makes cleanup easy peesee. We just don’t get how ppl cat a PBA sized meal so late at night.




    Maybe put some lemon juice in the salad dressing to make it lighter?


    LOL, Popa, you remind me of a customer I saw the other day in a pizza shop. She was, shall we say, quite on the heavy side, ordered a pie of pizza -to stay! Then she told the pizza guy, “oh, and I’ll have a DIET-PEPSI, I’m watching my weight!”

    hehe, I was also “watching her weight” (increase), LOL


    i would love to go light, but my house is usually pretty busy simchas torah night…..

    this year i am making:

    marinated honey beef kabobs (without the sticks) over rice


    cranberry chicken

    garlic broccoli


    pastrami fried rice

    sorbet and ice cream sandwiches

    anyone who is in far rockaway is more than welcome to stop by!! just make sure you know how to control yourself if you will be drinking 🙂


    We have a tradition in my house that the 2nd night of Yom Tov, except for the second night of Pesach and Rosh Hashono, is milchig. I usually serve a parve vegetable soup, crustless spinach-mushroom quiche, scrambled eggs, Caesar salad with lowfat dressing, homemade and coffee with cheesecake for dessert. Simchas Torah meal is very late, usually after 11:00P.M. so no one feels like a heavy, fleishig meal.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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