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    Summary of the Inyan article on Techeiles

    For all who became dizzy by the latest discussion in the Inyan about Techeiles, this article might be helpful in clearing things out.
    Disclaimer: I’ve researched the subject extensively, but many of the findings here are the author’s own conclusions.
    Also I’m not really here to Pasken just to make things clear.
    First of all, the Murex is not a Chiluzen. Second, this is not Techeiles. Third, Techeiles can’t be found at all. Fourth, science and roman literature cannot be used here.
    With that in mind here’s the proof. The Radziner Rebbe said that something else is Techeiles, so this one obviously isn’t the one.
    Don’t use Radziner Techeiles though, because most of the Poskim disagreed with him.
    Also the Chavos Yuir writes that Techeiles is purple. So of course this isn’t Techeiles.
    But don’t put on purple strings, it’s against Mesora to say that Techeiles is purple. But green is also a possibility.
    That’s beside the point that Murex can’t even produce blue naturally, according to the roman instructions and all the scientists.
    Then there’s the Mishne in Keilim (sorry I forgot for some reason, it’s not Mamesh a Mishne) that the Chiluzen has antennas on his head and snails don’t have antennas. But in that Mishne I’m Moide that it’s a snail because the Reshoinim wrote so. But by Techeiles it means a different creature altogether. It must be so because we don’t have the Chiluzen in our times.
    And don’t forget that most Gedolim don’t wear it. Not because it takes time to see if there’s enough evidence to make it a strong case, and to review all the material written about it, but because they know all these reasons written above. But of course ask them first for any conclusive decisions.
    What the Radziner Rebbe would have said about the murex I wouldn’t have the guts to say. But for the rest of Gedolim I know what’s on their minds.
    I’ve presented the Torah view. At the end of the day it’s a matter of approach. If you’re ready to give up on your status as a Ben Torah for a piece of science, then this subject is for you to explore. However, I’m proud that such a Chushive Chabura of Bnei Torah in Lakewood took they’re time to respond.

    In Europe the saying went like this: No Berel, I don’t owe you anything, I paid already. Besides the point that I never borrowed the money.
    B’emes, I don’t even know who you are.


    It’s called arguing in the alternative.


    Very interesting PLUS there is nothing more exciting than a new Techeiles thread to set the CR aflutter as compared with the latest shidduch crisis thread.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Isn’t this a straight up duplicate thread? And, I don’t just mean because of the pre-existing techeles thread; I thought there was already one specifically about the article.


    In the time of Geulah (which may already be here), Moshiach will come wearing Techeiles to make Shidduchim.

    There – I combined the three most popular CR topics into one!

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “In the time of Geulah (which may already be here), Moshiach will come wearing Techeiles to make Shidduchim.”

    He will also cause measles vaccines to rain down from the heavens.

    Uncle Ben

    Neville; You meant will heal the sick and make vaccines unnecessary.

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